Thursday, March 6, 2008

Down time

If any of you have spent time around my little jack you would know he is a little ball of energy always looking for a cupboard or bookshelf to empty. He never stops for more than five exaggeration.
This poor kid has been sick for a few days and has been content to just lay on this cozy blanket bed with his juice and puppy. I have been playing Mickey Mouse over and over again...sometimes he will sit and watch for an hour. Though I will admit I have liked these moments of down time I think I am ready for my little ball of fire to be back to normal!


Emily said...

What a cute sickie. How are you doing lately? I saw your comment and can't beleive you are already making dinners. I keep almost forgetting you have another child, you always seem so together. Post more pics so I can be reassured of her cuteness.

melody said...

I second Emily's comment. Love the picture.