Friday, January 30, 2009

A first time for everything...

Bianca LOVES food. This girl will eat anything you put on her plate. Because she has been such a great eater I haven't had to give her much junk. When all I can manage to feed the EXTREMELY picky Jack is go-gurts, gold fish, and cold cereal, Bianca gets to enjoy fruit, chunks of grilled chicken, peas, cooked carrots, get the picture.

Yesterday I thought I would give her an ice cream cone just to get her reaction (keep in mind she really hasn't ever had anything overly sweet)

The little sweetie could hardly contain herself, she is actually shaking with excitement...

I let her work on it for about 2 minutes...I think she knew I was going to take it away because she was literally stuffing her face with it.
After I took it away she did what any smart woman would do and started to lick her hands...she didn't want to miss a single drop of the melted goodness!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

hair today, gone tomorrow

I have to tell a story, because these pictures definitely need some explaining.

I suppose this is a week for me to learn lessons. The two I learned last night were:
- Read directions BEFORE operating electric equipment
- Always double check what you are doing before you make any dramatic changes in ones appearance.

Lat night I bought some clippers to cut the boys hair, I have been cutting Scott's hair with some borrowed clippers and thought it would be a good investment. I decided to try out my new toy on Jack. I was fiddling around with all the attachments and amidst my excitement I forgot that I had taken off the clipper attachment and just the bare blade was exposed. I proceeded to take a massive chunk out of the golden locks of jacks luscious hair. lesson #1 learned..always double check. the damage was bad enough that I couldn't even buzz it...we had to shave him. bald. like not-a-hair-left-on-the-kids-head bald. No problem I thought, until I learned lesson #2 about one minute later. Always read directions. I neglected to read that the clippers needed to be charged for no less than three hours before using them. About one minute into shaving his head, the clippers die and this is what I was left with...

My very own Benjamin Button! I guess we will know what Jack will be looking like in his geriatric years. Scott walked in from work at this point and had a panic attack. You can also notice jacks somber face, I didn't get many smiles from that little guy last night.

BUT, no worries, we let the clippers charge and now we have a FULLY bald two year old. (insert sigh of relief)

And now he is ALL smiles!

Monday, January 19, 2009

I knew she was being TOO quiet....

I thought I learned my lesson with jack...when they are being quiet, they are never up to any good.

Not my sweet Bianca, she was NEVER supposed to get in any trouble!

I guess it was my fault. What mother, in her right mind, leaves an open bin full of clothes laying in the middle of the floor?!?

note:this bedroom was clean about 15 minutes prior to her crawling in there to destroy it. Oh, and my daughter usually isn't still in her pajamas at 4 o'clock in the afternoon, but the little doll is sick.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

chocolate cupcakes, powdered sugar, and a sweet little five year old...

This is my Darling Niece Bailey.  Her big sister and dad are in Utah for the LDS film festival, so she's been feeling a little blue because she really wanted to go.  

So what does Auntie Jill do with a down-in-the-dumps five year old? 

What any awesome aunt would do...

Have a cupcake slumber party!

We made a some amazing creme filled chocolate cupcakes, which she stirred, poured, frosted, and dusted herself...with a little supervision of course.

Now I think all the rest of my nieces need to live closer so I can host a few more cupcake parties!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Winking 101

Having a young toddler has taught me many things.  Something in particular that I have learned is that teaching a young child a new "trick" is always a process.  Think back to your first child, how many hours were spent teaching them something as simple as Patty-Cake, or using a fork, or drinking from a cup...all these things require a process.  

Now wink.

seems easy, right? Well try and teach a two year old to wink and it seems as though you are trying to teach them to speak a different language.

First, he sees the wink and can't figure out how to open his mouth and close one eye at the same time.  (when you wink, unless you think about it, you will naturally open your mouth)

Now we are getting closer, just get that eye closed all the way.

Ok, now just get that eye closed AND the mouth more "normal" looking.

And there it is...perfection!!

That one is for you Nana Cindy and Bompa Greg!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

bedtime routines

Most people have strict bed routines for their kids, as they should because children need consistency. Some people read stories, some people sing sweet lullaby's**, and some people have a snack and a glass of warm milk.

Not at the springer house.

Our nightly routine consists of jumping off window ledges,

and having wrestle mania with dad...these are our last ditch efforts to squeeze the last bit of energy out of a very high strung little jack-hammer.

Here is sad bianca who has usually been sound asleep for about 4 hours befor jack goes to bed...she was not happy to be awake for a quick diaper change.

**note: Don't worry, I do read stories and sing songs to my children. Lots of them.