Monday, November 23, 2009

I'm alive.


Details and pictures to come.

For now, I must sleep.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Perks

It's so fun to be a parent with tiny kids around Halloween. 
You get to dress them up and wish you were a kid again.

You get to enjoy the look on their faces as candy gets dropped by the handfuls in their buckets...I swear, a darling 3 year old saying "trick-er-treat" get TWICE the amount of candy as everyone else.

But the REALLY great part about being the parent is that they do all the work, and then when you tuck them in that night, you get to reap the rewards!!  I am pretty sure I have eaten more Kit-Kat's and Snickers than is moral. Seriously, for the last two nights when we put kids to sleep, I pull out the giant pumpkin bucket that's been hiding in the cupboard all day and go to town on all the sugary goodness.  It's sickening.

Don't think I am a terrible person.  No kid needs all that candy.


Like any responsible parent,  I kept out the Smarties, Dum-Dum's, and plain M&M's to use for bribes rewarding good behavior.


Here are my little darlings all dressed up...Jack's costume was a last minute "throw-together" but I think $2.00 of clearance fabric ripped into strips made for a great mummy costume.  I just hot-glued the strips onto a thermal undershirt and some of Biana's white tights.

And then there's the Angel, she was pretty ornery, so that's the best we got out of her...

Taking a break for some treats (before their mommy steals and gobbles them all up). I am just noticing that sucker on the ground next to Bianca, she had that when we left.  I didn't realize THAT'S where she got it.   Way to go Jill, Mom of the year.

Happy Halloween everyone!