Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Thanksgiving Point

For FHE last night we went to see the tulip festival at thanksgiving point. I absolutely love the vibrant colors of the tulips and the budding greenery. If I designed the garden of Eden it would probably look something like thanksgiving point in the spring. I don't think these pictures do them justice but here is a little of what we saw...

Jack was so curious, the whole time he just pointed and said "is it, is it???" He had a great time with grandpa Greg and Nana Cindy. Grandpa's make the best stroller pushers...especially when you are dealing with this wonderful beast of a stroller. Scott refers to it as the SUV model. (Jack is looking at a jet in the sky...he is fascinated)

All the happy couples...The light was perfect so I had to snap these pics
note:the other half of my happy couple was delivering pizza to all the hungry folks of provo so Bianca filled in...

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Another wonderful day!

Today we blessed our sweet little Bianca. I have to add in that the dress she is wearing was also worn by me almost exactly 23 years ago! My mom made this amazing dress before I was born...even before she knew I was a girl. Bianca looked stunning amidst all the layers of lace and frill, I am so glad the dress held up for this long! Scott gave an amazing blessing and the day continued with a scrumptous brunch provided by my wonderful mother. I don't think things can get much better than family and good food!!Four Beautiful generations

Two proud parents

Our happy little family...even jack cooperated today!
The best grandparents a kid could ask for. seriously.

Friday, April 25, 2008

two happy grads and two tired kids...

we are finally done!! Scott and I graduated from the new Utah Valley University today. I received my bachelors in psychology and scott received his in accounting. Scotts parents were able to fly in and share this great day with us. Since Jack usually doesn't even wake up until about noon, 9:30 is pretty early to have every one dressed and out the door. As Scott and I sat on the floor during the commencement we had a full team of 2 grandmas, 2 grandpas, and an uncle and his girlfriend looking after a squirmy 18 month old and a hungry 2 month old...what troopers. I don't think there is enough goldfish or story books in the world to keep little jack occupied during a relatively boring graduation ceremony, so you can imagine after about 2 hours he was ready to fall apart. And he did. Right before pictures. Go figure. (see above and below for an illustration)
Thanks to all you family and friends who made this day possible...we couldn't have done it without you!!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Beautiful Bianca

Our little Bianca is now almost two months old...geez, where had the time gone?! I just had to post this picture I took of her rolls, and those adorable chubby cheeks! It definitely put a smile on my face, so I thought I would share...enjoy.