Sunday, March 30, 2008

Unpleasantly surprised!

This morning I put Bianca in this adorable spring outfit, after all it is almost April. I think I should have looked out the window before I decided upon such an outfit because as we left the house, this is what I opened the door to...

I guess we will put the spring clothes away for another week or two.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

I have been tagged with this for the third time, here it goes...

A--Attached or Single? wonderfully attached to the man of my dreams
B--Best friend? Scotty, my mom and sisters, and so many other wonderful gals out there.
C--Cake or Pie? Yes please, with vanilla icecream
D--Day of Choice? Wednesday, it is Scott's night off
E--Essential Item? My cell phone, diaper wipes, and my flat iron
F--Favorite Color? Earthtones
G--Gummy bears or worms? Everyone knows I love them both, even more so if they are covered in sour powder!
H--Hometown? Cedarhills
I--Indulgence(s)? Sour candy, homeade treats...especially ones my mom makes
J--January or July? July hands down
K--Kids? 2-Jack and little Bianca
L--Life is incomplete without? My family, friends, laughter, good food
M--Marriage date? August 13th 2005
N--Number of siblings? 2 wonderful sisters and 3 great brothers
O--Oranges or apples? I love a good, seedless orange. But I also love apples dipped in white chocolate, carmel, and cinnamon...yum!
P--Phobias or fears? I am currently overcoming my fear of the "wheelers"(see 2 posts below). Other than those crazy things not much scares me.
Q--Quotes? I think a lot of people have a lot of good things to say. I have filled up two books of quotes from various meetings and seminars
R--Reason to Smile? I can smile at just about anything. Things that make me smile most are Scotts dumb "dad" jokes, Jacksons silly facial expressions, bianca's chubby cheeks, and whitetrash people who are proud of what they are (that's why currently my favorite netflix rentals are "my name is Earl"-classic whitetrash)
S--Season? I love the flowers and new beginning of spring, the warmth, good memories and smells of summer, leaves changing during autumn, and the feeling of christmas during the winter.
T--Tag 5 people? candise(after you move), Amber, Whitney, Kristy, and Kimmy.
U--Unknown Fact? I hate making multiple trips from the car when bringing the kids in. I have been known to carry Jack, Bianca in her carseat, my diaper bag and several bags of groceries just to aviod a second trip out to the car...Usually Jack is slowly slipping down my hip by the time I reach the door. The reason I mentioned this is becuase it happened tonight. I was trying to juggle both the kids, a bunch of picture frames, and clean clothes from my moms. I strategically placed everything in my arms with keys in hand so I didn't have to set anything down to open the door. As I barely made it up the stairs I thought "Why do I do this to myself, I bet no one else does this!!!" Upon opening the door everything gets dropped (except my lovely children of course) and I let out a sigh of relief that I made it all in one trip yet again.
V--Very Favorite Store? I haven't shopped in so long since I have been pregnant for like two years, but I love the clothes in Banana republic. It used to be American Eagle but either their clothes are getting trashier and cheaper looking or I am getting old...not sure. I also love Ebay!
W--Worst Habit? I pop my knuckles all the time
X--X-ray or ultrasound? I think both are pretty neat!
Y--Your favorite food? hmm, where do I start?! I love chinese and thai, anything with capers(it's a new love), fun salads (also a new love), many things on Emily's Experiments (especially that bacon wrapped salmon!), the Pioneer Woman Cooks, and other fun food blogs...we will leave it there for now.
Z--Zodiac? Pisces...but who really cares?

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Sugar cookie extravaganza

We had a great Easter complete with sugar cookie decorating, an Easter egg hunt, and wonderfully warm weather. My sister in law Chersten is visiting with her sweet little girls so the Festivities were all the more fun. All the kids loved decorating cookies (myself included)...

Pardon her nudity, decorating cookies is apparently a very messy business.

Maren was a very determined "sprinkler"

As you can see I am very proud of my sugar cookie creations

Jack wasn't really into decorating the cookies, just decorating his face with the already decorated cookies!

Lydia's final masterpiece...who wouldn't want to sink their teeth into this sugar fest?!

Thursday, March 20, 2008


Before you watch this You tube video I have to explain my self...I don't have many fears, but one fear, border line extreme phobia I have is these Wheeler guys in the Return to Oz movie. When I was younger I watched this movie(I'm not sure why, it is completely terrifying) and ever since I have played these wheeling men over and over in my mind. After watching this movie I would have to run up a flight of stairs from a dark basement because I always was afraid that if I walked, the wheelers would get me. If I am ever by myself some where dark, I automatically think about them. I know it is silly, but it's very true.

I hadn't seen this movie in probably 15 years. The other day we had some friends over and we began talking about the wheelers for some reason that I don't remember. Scott has always known about my fear but has never seen the wheelers so we all got on You tube to see what we could find. When we pulled it up I reacted in a way I never expected. No lie, I actually screamed and dropped to the floor in the fetal position and almost started to cry while begging Scott to turn it off. Scott said "whoa, I can see why you are afraid of these things...they really are creepy"

I have been watching this video over and over and only after I have seen it about 10 times am I able to watch it without flinching and looking away...I will conquer this fear!

But you all have to admit, these things are seriously scary, and no one, especially not children should be watching this madness!

p.s. the premise of this show is as follows: Dorothy gets put in a mental hospital after telling people about her trip to Oz. She escapes, falls in to a river, and upon getting out she is in Oz again. The yellow brick road is all torn apart, people every where have been turned to stone and she begins her journey to figure out what went wrong. Rent it if you dare.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

$1.97 well spent

With the weather getting warmer, we have been getting itchy to get outside. On my weekly trip to Wal-mart today I saw a big bin of scented bubbles for $1.97 and thought it would be a perfect excuse to get outside and enjoy the sunshine. Definitely worth the splurge...take a look

Scott and jack trying to catch the bubbles

Scott was a master bubble blower

Bianca soaking up some rays

Saturday, March 15, 2008

A wonderful day with no white trash birthday cake!

I turned 23 yesterday. It was an absolutely wonderful day, let me tell you why...

1. When I left early in the morning for work(yes, I am back to work-yuck) birds were singing outside. It is the first time this year I have heard them and so that means spring and warm weather are on the way!

2. When I got in the car my favorite song was playing

3. I got lots of text messages and phone calls from friends and family...I am blessed to have such wonderful people in my life

4. We got a letter in the mail from the IRS saying that we will get an additional $1200 in may. What a blessing!!

5. My mom and I made a beautiful and delicious meal of chicken piccata (see above) which turned out perfect. I've made it a few times before but it needed improvement. I found the key is all in the prep work- it's one of those meals that comes together all at the last minute.

6. My parents got me some wonderful pampered chef stuff: a triffle bowl, julienne peeler, bamboo spoons and a cooling rack.

7. Max and jill made me an adorable candy bar poster with phrases like "those little nerds really skor'd big to have a hot tomale of a mamba like you"-clever. And we all know how much I love candy!! They also gave scott and I a gift certificate to PF changs for a date night!

8. Though I was sad he missed out on some yummy dinner, I made Scott work as his gift to me. Here is my reasoning...If he would have taken work off he would have not made any money, and then we probably would have gone out to dinner somewhere expensive, then my birthday would have cost us around $200. Instead he went to work and made great tips, and we weren't out the $45 for dinner. perfect.

9. After we put the kids to bed I snuggled on the couch with my sweet husband, giving me the perfect end to a perfect day!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

In my spare time...

As some of you know or don't know, my sisters-in-law have opened up an adorable boutique in Washington. As much as I hate that I'm not up there to be a part of the fun, I still have a chance to participate and make some money. I thought you all might like to see what I do in my spare time...which is the two hours in the afternoon when the kids are peacefully sleeping. With the help of my sweet dad I do all the wood cutting, routing, painting, and distressing on these cute signs. The frames have been a new development in my repertoire of boutique items, but have turned out pretty cute. I have a lot of fun coming up with new ideas and would dare say I am turning "crafty"...yikes!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Not so lazy afterall...

After we laid around the house for a while we decided it was much too beautiful of a day to pass up. We loaded both strollers and went to a nearby park where our lazy Sunday turned into an adventure for Jack. I actually think Scott had just as much fun living vicariously through him on the playground...he secretly wants to be five again!

Lazy Sundays

I don't love early church (Jack doesn't normally get up until about noon so you can imagine the struggle to pull him out of bed at 8:30). I do however love getting home at 12:00 and having the rest of the day to do absolutely nothing except lounge with my little family, then go to my moms for delicious dinner. Today Scott came home from his clerk duties to find his two favorite gals relaxing on the couch and couldn't resist a picture...He managed to get one those pictures that every one tries and tries to get of their newborn smiling. precious.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Whitetrash birthday cake

Yesterday was Scotts birthday. For every birthday since I have known him he requests funfetti birthday cake with rainbow chip frosting-yes the kind with waxy , colored chips of sugar mixed in. I don't know why but for some reason I always feel like this cake is white trash...I don't even have a reason to think it. Maybe I feel like when I make this cake it undermines my cooking all I am capable of is mixing some oil and eggs together and then peeling back the foil lid of the frosting container (I am sorry if I just offended anyone with that statement). What is even more sad. is the fact that even though I despise making it, it actually always seems to taste good with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Weird.
On a happier note I want you all to know that I feel every day that I am the luckiest girl to have scotty in my life. He is a wonderful man that keeps me smiling and sane. He turns my bad days into good ones and my good days into better ones. I love you babe...even if I have to make you rainbow chip frosting cake every year!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Down time

If any of you have spent time around my little jack you would know he is a little ball of energy always looking for a cupboard or bookshelf to empty. He never stops for more than five exaggeration.
This poor kid has been sick for a few days and has been content to just lay on this cozy blanket bed with his juice and puppy. I have been playing Mickey Mouse over and over again...sometimes he will sit and watch for an hour. Though I will admit I have liked these moments of down time I think I am ready for my little ball of fire to be back to normal!