Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Not bad for thirty bucks!!

I know the tree looks crooked...but it really isn't

For the last few years our christmas decor has consisted of a 2 foot tree with about 10 small ornaments and a 6 foot strand of lights becuase of the tiny apartment we lived in. This year however, we were able to go all out with a 6 foot tree. scott has been pumped all year to have a real tree but when I was at the beloved wal-mart today I found a pre-lit tree for 30 bucks...I don't even think you can buy the lights alone that cheap!! Honestly, was expecting a garbage tree with not many lights but when I got it home and set it up I was pleasantly surprised. After putting on the ornaments and ribbon I think it looks like any other run of the mill fake christmas tree.
Jack and I had a fun time decorating to surprise scott when he got home from work...I do think that jack took more off than he put on, that is why there are no ornaments on the lower branches.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

christmas pet peeve

I have to start my saying that I love everything about the christmas season...I love shopping, parties, lights, decorations, music, etc, etc. Having said that I now have to let out a small complaint...What the heck is with FM 100 already playing all christmas music for?!? aren't there unspoken rules about christmas that nothing can happen until after thanksgiving? I walked into wal-mart earlier this week and it was as if christmas had vomited all over the place!! give me a break...we just finished halloween. I think the "holidays" are coming a little too early so I am playing scrooge's sdvocate and not turning on FM100 until afterthanksgiving...even though I do love my "soft sounds".