Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Another fish in the family...

In Utah, we discovered Laney's love for water {much like her fishy dad and brother}.  We visited the splash pad in Highland several times and Miss D couldn't get enough of all the squirting water.

She tested the waters with the small spout but quickly became unamused...

On to bigger, better things.

Bianca was there too...sporting a sweet wedgie. I would be sporting a wedgie too if I had cute little buns like that!

Bianca wasn't nearly as adventurous as Laney.

I don't think this girl could be any happier.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

6 years ago...

A boy and girl got married.
I'm not kidding when I say "girl".  Just ask my mom, I was a CHILD...what kind of mother lets her daughter get married at 19? I'm only kidding mom.  But seriously.

Even if her daughter claims to be oh-so-mature. ha!

6 years ago we rented a 400 square foot apartment, which was just enough room for 2 love birds.

6 years ago we were both in school full time.  I was working on a bachelors in Psychology and Scotty was working on a bachelors in Accounting.

6 years ago Scott and I were both working at the UPS Store, each making about $8 an hour.  Soon after we were married, he quit the UPS Store for a framing job paying TEN bucks an hour...livin' large at that point :)  I'm pretty sure our monthly overhead was only about $750, but I was worried we weren't going to be able to make it work.

6 years ago Scott had {a little} more hair, and I had a few less pounds.  Just kidding hun, your hair is still as thick and beautiful as it was the day we met. Love you babe. heehee.

6 years later we have three {beautiful} healthy children. two bachelors degrees, an almost Masters degree, a home (that's bigger than 400 sq feet!), and two great jobs that thankfully pay more than $8 an hour.
We feel blessed to live the lives we do.  Each day brings something new for us to tackle and something new to enjoy.  We laugh everyday, cry on occasion, and love the three little rugrats that rule our lives. 
I love you, Handsome.