Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!!

This year I finally decided to get with the program and dress jack up for halloween. He made for one spooky little skeleton.... We went trick-or-treating to all the local grandma's and got full of plenty of junk food. While I had night class scott took jack up to jills (Jill is max's cute girlfriend for those of you who don't know) to help scare all the kids who came trick-or-treating...if you look at the picture you can see what I mean! max and jill spent hours getting ready for tonight. If you look closely you will see that max actually has "ribs" coming out of his side.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Happy Fall Y'all!!

Fall is one of my favorite times of year. I thought I would make a short list of a few of my favorite things:

1. The way the air smells crisp and clean

2. The way the mountains and landscape start to change colors

3. Pumpkin anything...candles, cookies, pie, decorations- you name it, I enjoy it

4. Warm clothes- though I am not really a shopper and don't buy much I sure love a cute sweater or jacket

5. Turning the heater on for the first is so cozy!

6. This year it means I am entering my third trimester...yipee!!

7. Jackson loves the falling leaves, and anything that makes him smile makes me smile.
8. Fall means lots of holidays- and I always love an excuse for tons of good food and family to visit

Thursday, October 18, 2007

the great escape...

I just had to blog this becuase it was so funny. Last night scott and I were chatting in our living room and when I couldn't hear the silly squeals of jack playing I knew some thing must be wrong. I looked behind me and I could see that he had gotten himself stuck in the middle of one of our bar stools. I don't know how he wiggled his way in there, but he couldn't figure our how to free himself. I went to get him out and scott said "hold on a sec...lets see if he can figure it out" so we sat back and watched while silently laughing as jack tried to free himself. He honestly tried to get out the this position for 15 minutes before my pregnant bladder couldn't take any more laughter and we had to free him. What a trooper!!

Scott was trying to coax him out with a cany corn pumpkin

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Fun in Farm land!

Scotts little brother randy visited last week with his cute little family and of course no utah vacation is complete without a visit to thanksgiving point. Jack loves the animals and calls anything with 4 legs a "dogee". He laughed and laughed on the pony ride...I can't believe how old he is now, my little boy all grown up on a horse!!

The boutique

Though I probably have way too much going on right now, I decided to join scotts sisters and open up a boutique! Scotts sister wendy has a big farm like shed that they put electricity in to and we will be opening it up several times a year(mostly around changing seasons). We decided to test the boutique-ing waters and be part of a large boutique(like "holy cow" or "blue goose") with lots of different vendors just to see if we had what it takes.
Scotts sisters have been going to various garage and estate sales to find antique furniture and items that they can paint, re-upholster, or add their personal touch to. They both have a real talent for making someones junk into anothers home decor!! I have been working on some unique jewelry and have had fun making wooden signs with vinyl lettering that are hung with ribbon.

I was able to fly up for the big show and though it was freezing cold ( was all outside!) We had a blast staying up late getting ready. The show was two days and I am sad to inform that my jewelry didn't sell like I thought it would, but the wooden signs I made sold out in the first 30 minutes of the show!! Overall we did about $3,000 which I don't think is bad for first timers. I can't believe what some ribbon and mum s can do for an old galvanized bucket, or how a coat of red paint and stain can liven on old end table...people were buying it all up as fast as we could put it out. We learned alot and we are already busy getting ready for our grand opening in a month!