Tuesday, March 31, 2009

an entertaining safety hazard...

I am a careful parent. (but not one of those obnoxious safety-freak moms)

I don't let my kids stick things in electrical sockets or give them WHOLE grapes that they might choke on. I don't fill the tub too full or let them run around with scissors in their hands and forks in their mouths.

But today I threw caution to the wind...

I was FULLY aware of what Bianca was up to.

I was making dinner as she took those scratchy, annoying bags out of the drawer one at a time.

The "mom" in me thought "hmm, those bags are a potential choking/suffocating hazard...I should remove her from the situation and childproof that drawer"

But I didn't.

I just let her play in the death trap while I finished dinner.

And she was entertained by those dumb grocery sacks for 30 minutes.

And I made a delicious dinner without a tired one year old attached to my hip.

So worth it...

Friday, March 27, 2009


Pardon me for that ridiculously tacky title, I almost slapped myself when I typed it...It was the first thing that came to mind. I know I should have changed it but I didn't. Sorry.

ANYWAY, we have a show coming up soon so I have been working on these darling frames. I am letting a little bit of my creativity loose and actually embellishing these bad boys with little jewels and sparkly things for a little extra PIZAZZ. Everybody likes something that sparkles, right?

When Bianca actually has a room instead of the temporary pack and play in the living room, I will decorate her room like this. I love the hot pink and black together. Darling.

I love this green and blue print, if I could get out of my boring, lame red decor that I've had FOREVER I would use this frame to decorate a room.

gross, I am just noticing those unappealing fingerprints...sorry about that.

This is just the tip of the iceberg my friends...stay tuned for more soon!

Monday, March 23, 2009

an update...

We don't have much going on here in gloomy, soggy, rainy Washington.  We are basically sitting around waiting for the clouds to clear up and the cold weather to go away...

see, I will prove it:

Just kidding, we really aren't literally sitting around waiting for the clouds to clear up, otherwise I think we will be waiting until June.  I just wanted to have a reason to post that cute picture of Jack sucking on his fingers and Bianca looking especially rolly-poley...man I love that chub.

I thought I would let you all know what the springer family has REALLY been up to the last few months...because we have had A LOT of changes around here.

so, here it is:

1.  Scott landed a great permanent job for the Department of Labor and Industry as an auditor.  To make a long job description short, he is the guy going around to businesses and busting them for being dishonest in their insurance reporting.  He likes it, but it's really just another little stop along the way to where ever.  He also continues to deliver pizza (yes, I said deliver pizza.  You would be shocked at the amount of tips he brings in every night) 3 or 4 nights a week...we are trying to quickly get rid of those blasted student loans we have looming over us.    

2.  We have moved out of Scott's parents house. PHEW.  I love his parents, and they know that, but you can only live with parents so long before you want to rip your hair out.  I was really just longing for my own space.  We live in a beautifully small apartment with an amazing backyard that has trees, grass, and mossy rocks to climb...the epitome of Washington's beauty and the perfect place for a curious two year old.  Pictures to come soon.

3.  Since Christmas I have been training with my sister-in-laws for a half marathon.  I am not a runner, at least I didn't think I was.   I basically started from nothing and have slowly worked my way up to about 3 or 4 miles a day.  I have actually grown to love running.  That "runners high" people talk about is a real thing...almost an addiction.  I work out 5 days a week, not because I am obsessed with losing that last few pounds, but because for 20 bucks a month I can throw my kids in the clean, safe daycare at the gym for a couple of hours a day.  They have slides, toys, movies, and giant climbing blocks...it's the perfect place for two active little kiddos to get their wiggles out while it's pouring down rain outside.  
Oh, and it keeps me sane.  I am not ashamed to admit that I need a break from my little darlings everyday. 

4.  Jack and Bianca are growing up incredibly fast.  Bianca is finally toddling around and jack is a constant ball of fire who spends ALL day spouting off his colors, numbers, letters and animals.  He is hilarious.  

And everyday is growing to be more and more like his daddy...

freaky, I know.

Well, there you have it folks...things around here aren't too exciting, but definitely exciting enough for our little family.

Stay tuned for a craft update later this week!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Desperate times call for desperate measures...

I like to think I am a decently patient person.

However, my patience with a certain little boy named Jack is starting to wear thin.

Hitting has become an epidemic in our house. If Jack doesn't have the right cup, he hits. If we don't sing the right song, he hits. If we can't find the exact right car, he hits. You all get the picture. I know this behavior is totally and completely normal for a two year old, and I understand that he hits as a way of communication, but it's getting old.

We (meaning I...) have tried several methods punishment or discipline to try and cure this hitting. I've tried time outs on the stairs but he would just play on them making it counter productive. We tried time out in his bedroom but there are WAY too many fun things in there. I tried to just talk to him but all I got was blank stairs and a hit on the shoulder. I DIDN'T try spanking...don't get me wrong, I think a well placed swat on the behind is perfectly acceptable under some circumstances, but teaching someone not to hit by hitting seems ridiculous.

Well, mama has found the perfect way to deal with jack...

That's right, this little nose is as good as plastered to that wall.

I have figured out a way to make timeouts as boring as humanly possible. I have gotten great at threatening Jack with this little line..."if you choose to hit, you will sit in time-out with your nose against the wall" No kid wants to stick their nose in the wall.

I am pleased to report that hitting is down to a fraction of what it was.

And I have become a hardcore mom.

Don't mess with me.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

It's my birthday today...

And Scott has to work all night.

And my little angels are being particularly rotten today.

And I have three loads of laundry and a dirty diaper staring me in the face.


It's all ok because I was able to find one last box of Samoas after looking at THREE different grocery stores today.

I will eat the entire box tonight, one calorie laden row at a time.

And I am NOT ashamed.

Friday, March 13, 2009

It's "Pasture" Birthday...

Insert silly little picture of a farm scene with a cow, pig, and chicken stacked on top of each other.

get it? Pasture? Genuis. Thanks Stampin' Up for that little gem.

Scotty's birthday was a week ago and the poor guy didn't even get so much as a post on his big day for me to brag about how wonderful he is. Sorry dear, that's what happens when you move and start a new job the week of your birthday.

So here's to you babe...You ARE the most handsome, hard working, honest, devout, loyal person I have ever known.

That's why I snagged you up when I did.

Even if you did have black hair and bracelets.

oh, and not to mention, you are the best dad imaginable for these two little rugrats...

Thanks Scotty man for doing what you do...I love ya!

Monday, March 2, 2009

A few reasons why I love March...

1.  March means spring is just around the corner

2.  March means I get celebrate my Birthday...yikes, the big two-four is coming up for me!

3.  This is the reason above all that I love March.  Forget birthdays or springtime, I am talking about GIRL SCOUT COOKIES.  There is nothing more delicious than those little morsels of goodness.  I honestly believe that toasted coconut was invented JUST for the Samoa.  

You think I am kidding.  

I'm not. 

I have already downed two boxes and worry that a third is on the horizon very soon.   Bless and curse those little girls standing outside every grocery store just waiting for my four dollars.    

I am off to Albertsons.  

We will see if I can resist.

Wish me luck.