Thursday, May 29, 2008

2 happy kids = 1 happy mom

My sweet children decided to test me tonight by being as rotten as possible while their daddy was away at work. As I was battling skinned knees, tear stained faces, and pinches (yeah, jack has picked up pinching when he gets upset. annoying) I thought "hmm, if I was 20 months old and ornery as all get out, what would make me happy?" So I started the bath tub, added some bubbles, and plopped my little angel down to play to his hearts content. All the sudden he perked up, and so did bianca(there is some law of the universe that says when one child is a pill the other must act up as well, just so you all know). The evening ended with TWO clean kids in bed at an ever so early 9 pm and ONE happy mom who aced her test. sweet.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Heart attack for dessert anyone?...

My mom got this amazing cook book for mother's day and there was a recipe in it for some chocolate mousse butter cream frosting. I knew I had to make it when I read that it had 6 sticks of butter in it. Yes, you heard me right...SIX sticks of butter. The recipe was a little time consuming but worth every one of the 5400 calories...yes, I did the math on that. Sorry mom, I probably shouldn't have added that little tidbit seeing as how I left the remainder of the cake at your house! the taste was rich but not overwhelming and seemed to melt in your mouth. Start your mouthwatering ladies...

Monday, May 26, 2008

A dancin' fool

With Jacksons new found talent of jumping and his pre-existing love for dancing and music, you can imagine the combination of the three...this is what happens when we turn on some catchy music and give him plenty of space...take a look (sorry about the video quality...darn camera phone)

Friday, May 23, 2008

Jammies, hats, and bubbles

This has been a crazy week full of all sorts of adventures at the Springer house. We got jack these new jammies since the weather has been warming up. They even come with a little cape...adorable.
I couldn't resist putting this little sun hat on sweet Bianca when we went to the park, she wasn't so happy about the idea but the blogger in me couldn't stand not to have a picture.

Jack is mezmerized by bubbles so any chance we get we are out on the lawn popping away. It has been pretty cold and rainy this week but jack has to get out for his (and my) sanity. This bubble blowing escapade took place after a rainstorm...notice the soaking jeans and red cheeks...nothing can stop little Jack!

Monday, May 19, 2008

A little boy and his watering can...

Jack has found this watering can at my parents house and carries it around with him everywhere he goes! I mean yeah, I understand a blanket or a teddy bear, but a watering can?!? It's like he's got a puppy on a leash or something. Pretty cute though.

He's looking at like "come on, keep up will ya!"

a much needed mini vacation

Scott has been so busy with school and work but had a little break so we decided to take advantage of the free time by heading down south to Mesquite to visit Paul and Kaytie. They have a beautiful little condo and we had a blast eating good food, swimming, playing games, taking rides on the golf cart (Paul manages the the grounds crew at a mesquite golf course), and just taking time for a little R&R. We also went down to las Vegas and visited Candise, Jarom, and Eliza Jane.

Scott and Jack were probably fish in another life

Relaxin' Jackson

Jack and Eliza Jane love Paul and Kaytie...they are definitely the fun aunt and uncle!
I had to post this great farmers tan Paul is sporting, I guess that's what happens when your job requires you to be outside all day in the sun.

This is what happens when a 20 month old is getting sick of the 4 hour car ride...desperate times call for desperate measures, hence the laffy taffy. It did buy us the last 40 minutes of the car ride though!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Mothers day part II

This is from your son-in-law who eats like a hog
In response to your comments which appeared on our blog.
She doesn’t like to swim and she hates to camp.
Just give her some pictures or something to stamp.
She loves to give service, she’s there in a flash.
Her determination is writing checks that her back can’t cash.
Yea that’s right, her back tends to hurt.
But she won’t be complaining while making dessert.
Always a giver, never a taker.
She’s the Michael Jordan to all homemakers.
Cindy’s known as Nana to all her grandkids.
Giving them books when winning her bids.
Cindy is perfect, she has no flaw.
O.K. now I’m just brown-nosing my mother-in-law.

Thanks for being a great Nana to our children, we love you!

Sunday, May 11, 2008


"A Great Mother"

Jill, you are a great mother, even right from the start.

The moment you saw Jackson as he melted your heart.

To be a great mother, there's no secret potion.

Just TLC, and maybe some eczema lotion.

There is never time for some good ol' relaxin'.

Especially when chasing around a hyper-active little Jackson.

From straightening the house, to wiping a butt.

Or staying up late to feed your little peanut.

You read to the kids, and endure through "Mouse".

We'll always appreciate you, your kids, and your spouse.

Happy mother's day babe,

Jack, Bianca, and your man.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

A trip down memory lane...

Scott and I were reminiscing recently about how fast our little Jack has grown up. It really seems like just yesterday that little peanut of a thing was born. Jack has been a joy for almost every second of the last 18 months he's been alive. I thought I would show you all month by month just how he's grown. All the pictures I chose perfectly embody his happy, spunky, curious personality. Enjoy.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

A face only a mother could love...

Jack goes through these spurts of hilarious faces. This face is the current look I get when I catch him doing something he knows is wrong. It's almost like he is saying "I am way too cute to be in trouble...right...??" It gets me every time. I can't get enough of this toothy, squinty-eyed grin...even if it means I get to pick up all the books that were torn from the book shelf or dig a toy out of toilet.