Sunday, May 11, 2008


"A Great Mother"

Jill, you are a great mother, even right from the start.

The moment you saw Jackson as he melted your heart.

To be a great mother, there's no secret potion.

Just TLC, and maybe some eczema lotion.

There is never time for some good ol' relaxin'.

Especially when chasing around a hyper-active little Jackson.

From straightening the house, to wiping a butt.

Or staying up late to feed your little peanut.

You read to the kids, and endure through "Mouse".

We'll always appreciate you, your kids, and your spouse.

Happy mother's day babe,

Jack, Bianca, and your man.


jill said...

wow, you are such a sweetheart!! Thanks for making my job as a mother so easy, I could never do what I do without you! I love you too Scotty!

FishinFamily said...

Too sweet. Geez Scott, you are an incredible poet! :) Hope you had a fabulous Mother's Day Jill!! You are an incredible mommy. :)

cindy said...

Ok Scott--now I know where to go when I need a 'verse', it is too cute! I know jill enjoys everyday of being a Mom. And thank you Scotty for being a great Dad!! We love you!!!

Travis and Kristy said...

That poem is awesome!!! It made me smile.