Thursday, August 27, 2009

Proof that dads are ALWAYS more fun...

Bath time at our house is quick and painless. I strip the kids down, wash off the dirt, get them out, and jammie them up. five minutes. tops.

BUT, when it's daddy's turn for the regiment, madness breaks loose.

When I dump a scant amount of bubble soap, dad pours in about a exaggeration there.

When I put about three inches of water in the tub for fear of someone slipping and drowning, dad fills up the tub to the very. tip. top.
Does this look like the face of a boy who would protest the insane amount of bubbles and water? No siree, not this little fish.

"Ok, this is more fun than I can handle, these bubbles are making me claustrophobic..."

Thanks dad, for making bath time fun...I suppose it should be every once in a while.

Monday, August 24, 2009

I've fallen and I can't get up...

...Well, Sort of.

Poor Bianca had herself in a pickle here. She knew that if she fell back into the crib there was probably no getting out. She also knew that if she fell on the floor it was going to hurt (girls are much more cautious that way...Jack would have undoubtedly bailed.)

So I let her sit there, and make a choice. (we're big on choices in this house)

She never chose.

She just sat there.

After about five minutes I helped her over onto the floor...wrong choice mom.

Now I have TWO little kiddos that can climb out of their respective cages. Darn.

Monday, August 17, 2009

a little spoiled...

Because Scott is busy with grad school and work, and because I am a wee bit busy with my part-time job, crafting, and trying to keep two energetic little kiddos alive and was decided that we needed a break from reality. (And it was our anniversary!!)

Randy and April (my brother and sister in law) offered to take Jack and Bianca for a couple days. When we dropped off the kids, I told April that when we left her house I was going to forget about my children, and not to call unless there was an someone died.

we headed up to Seattle where scotty booked us a room at a swanky, upscale hotel with valet parking (you can imagine the shock of the host to see a bright green ford focus sputter up to the front of the's a good thing scott picked up the goldfish crackers, sippy cups, and half eaten cinnamon toasts before we left or we might have been REALLY embarrassed.)

When we arrived, the girl at the front desk said "I am so sorry, but your room isn't ready, we are doing some maintenance on the fireplace...we apologize, and have upgraded you to the executive suite." I actually laughed out loud, and said "REALLY? I swear that only ever happens in the movies!!" She giggled and sent us on our way.

The room was about three times bigger than our apartment and completely beautiful. I never wanted to leave. Ever. (sorry about the pic quality...we only had cell phones)

Um, that tree, totally real. Talk about fancy!

King size bed, down comforter, feather pillows...ahhh.

We went up to Seattle with no plans at all. We just wanted to relax, reconnect, and absorb the peace and quiet! We ate at a lovely seafood restaurant with romantic ambiance, and then walked to the famous Pike Place Market that was just a few blocks from our hotel.

there were thousands of bouquets of flowers all for 10 bucks...if I didn't want to hold them on the hour car ride home I would have bought these ones...

It was so nice to just saunter through shops, holding hands and stealing kisses at every corner. It felt like we were dating again...It was a perfect 24 hours, and was over WAY too quickly.
Thanks Scotty for being the best husband, friend, and dad that a girl could ask for...and for putting together our weekend of bliss!!
I love you!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Some deep thinking at the breakfast table...

With your first child, every milestone is a meticulously recorded and talked about. I remember when jack was really young EVERYTHING was a big deal...we oo'd and awe'd at his animal sounds, we enthusiastically cheered when he learned patti-cake, we took pictures when he learned to sit up and crawl, we took videos and made phones calls over his first steps, yada yada get the picture.
But with your second child things are a little different. Those momentous milestones are, well, not SUCH a huge deal. Though we still take a million pictures and relish in the cuteness, there is just something different. I mean, she certainly isn't "jipped" in the attention department, and we do enjoy watching her darling personality develop, but still...something is amiss. I have put a lot of thought into this lately because I feel like Bianca is all the sudden "grown-up", and I don't even think we have taught her patti-cake or any animal sounds yet. I know, mom of the year award over here!!
What really started my thinking was this sequence. I was sitting across from her at the breakfast table, and we were just two gals, enjoying a nice bowl of Cheerios. Then it dawned in me...
WAIT...when did she stop sitting in her high chair? when did she learn how to use a spoon?
When has she watched daddy do this so many times that she caught on?
When did she grow up from my baby into this independent "little girl"?

I sat and watched her take bit after bite of those Cheerios, and then I made a resolve. I have resolved to pay more pay more attention to those little things that mean my kids are growing up.
And may all of you do the same!
Now, if you will excuse me I am going to teach my daughter what a horsey says.