Sunday, December 28, 2008

The rains came down, and the floods came up...

Remember the 14 inches of snow we go last week, and remember how they didn't ever plow the roads? Well, when all of the sudden the temperature rises, and the snow turns to rain, this is what happens...

All of the slippery snow is compacted under about 6 inches of slush. You can imagine the driving conditions...

All of our cars were stuck, all at once.

Gotta love it!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

A winter wonderland...

When we moved to Washington I was worried about several things, one of them being that Christmas and winter in general just wouldn't be the same with out snow. Here, it will snow occasionally (like once a year), but will be all melted by morning. You can imagine my surprise when we woke up to this a few days ago...

Not only did it stick all day, but it kept snowing,

and snowing,

and snowing.

Currently we are covered with about 14 inches of snow and it looks like there will be no let up for about a week. Because it rarely snows here, no one ever invests in snow plows, shovels, or any snow clearing gear, which means the roads and everything else are a COMPLETE mess. All the schools have been shut down and Scotty had a short work week (and it's looking like no one will be going to work tomorrow either!)

So, it looks like I don't need to worry about having a white Christmas...but I think I got a little more than I bargained for!

note: Washington hasn't seen snow like this since 1968

P.S. did you notice the deer in the first picture?

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A real tree AND colored lights

According to Scotty, because we live in the "evergreen" state, it is something of blasphemy not to have a real tree. I decided that this year I would give in and get a real tree, even though the previous two years I have successfully gotten my way with a fake one (I love my shedless, waterless, pre-lit tree) This weekend we went to a HUGE 10 acre Christmas tree farm.

The weather was beautiful and Jack was in 2 year old heaven. That kid ran circles (literally) around those trees until he couldn't run any more.

Scotty was nice enough to let me pick out the perfect tree and then he got to feel all sorts of manly cutting it down with a saw

And here is the Beauty...lit in all her glory! Oh, a side note: I hate colored lights, loathe them in fact. I think they are tacky. Scott has been begging and pleading with me to get colored lights this year, claiming "white lights aren't as christmasy or festive". I decided that since we splurged on a real tree I would once again appease my man and give in to the colored lights. I guess I am coming around because I hate it less and less everytime I look at it. Maybe by Christmas I will even (gasp) enjoy the colored will be a Christmas miracle!

***Scott also wanted tinsel, yes, tinsel on the tree. I drew the line there. no tinsel. ever.