Sunday, February 17, 2013

Mother Nature is such a tease!

Having such gorgeous weather in February is most certainly something that needs to be documented when you live in Washington. If the sun is shining, you better believe we will be outside soaking up some rays.  A couple of days ago it wasn't just sunny, but even slightly warm! the air was cold, but sun was so warm on our felt so much like spring. I couldn't help but think, "hmm, maybe spring is coming early!", but I'm sure Mother Nature is only teasing us.
Tease or not, we are taking advantage of the sun and warmth!
Jack will always be found speeding up and down the street on his bike, trying to see how fast he can go. I'm waiting for the day when simply riding down the street won't be quite adventurous enough for this boy. I'm surprised I haven't had to help him build a jump out of my crafting wood in the garage...or that his daddy hasn't hasn't built one for him!!!

Then there's Bianca, who doesn't do much of anything with out providing a flare of pure "diva". Riding her bike is never enough unless there are poses and acrobatics involved.

Sweet Laney is content with sidewalk chalk.

I can hardly control this mane of hair...somedays I just let it be. days like today.

We are excited for more bike riding and chalk scribbling in the coming weeks...before we know it, spring will be here to stay, but for now, we will take all the teases we can get!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

The blog...resurrected!

Well, hello there!!

Has it really been a year and a half since I've touched this blog?!?
 Oh man, I'm such a slacker. I promise, I tried to start over time and time again...I think I've drafted 20 different blog posts over the last year trying to "catch-up" but have ultimately decided that there is no WAY I'm going to go back and blog everything.

I've decided to start over from this moment. Blogging is important to me because I don't keep a regular journal and I'm last person that is ever going to scrap blog is the only real thing that keeps record of our little family (besides facebook. I know, lame). These sweet kiddos of mine are growing up so fast, and I know that if I don't document these moments, they will be forgotten.

So, let's kick things off with our trip to Lattin's Cider Mill yesterday. the weather was absolutely beautiful so we thought some time outside was in order.  And to be perfectly honest, I will take any excuse I can get to go grab a fresh apple fritter...those things are A.MAZING.

Can you believe how much the kids have grown over the last 18 months? Jackson has lost all evidence of ever being a toddler (besides the fact that he still barely weighs 40 lbs, and that's fully clothed!)
Sassy Bianca, always good for a pose.  Feed in hand, she is ready to go see the animals!

Laney was beyond thrilled to feed the goats. She would get so close every time...

And then drop the food just out of their reach. those poor goats. She's such a tease!
Jackson and Bianca are the best of friends. They can rarely be found not playing together. I suppose that is the perk of having kids 16 months apart...of course, it takes about 5 years to start to see these perks!

We were able to meet some cousins at the Mill. we all doted over that sweet baby. I'm convinced it is nearly impossible to get a decent picture of all three of my kids together. After 57 tries, I gave up...Jackson and Bianca were bored with the photoshoot long before laney would even cooperate.
those (cute) little turds.
Me and my man. Geez, I love this guy.

I can't believe how mild the weather has been here in the North West. February is usually the time of year where we are all ripping out hair out and cursing the fact that we live in this gray, dead place. We feel lucky that the sun has been out so much, and that we can even go out and play with out freezing our behinds right off!
Here's to more sunshine...and more blogging!