Wednesday, September 28, 2011

It's about time...

Scott and I have been married for 6 years and never had a single professional picture taken.  Not any newborn photos, no first birthday cake-smashing photoshoot. nothing.

  I know, we are completely lame. 

For the last 6 years, I kept waiting for the "perfect time".  A time when I wasn't pregnant, or trying to lose weight after having a baby, or a time when Jack didn't have 5 stitches in his face. I came to the realization recently that it's not about capturing our family at the perfect time {because there isn't going to be a perfect time!}, but it's more about capturing our family at THIS time in our lives.   

So I did it.  I scheduled a photoshoot with Scott's brother Randy. Hilarious, right? Yeah, we had a photographer in the family the WHOLE time.  I know, I just became even more lame.

Randy specializes in the "Rustic" look, which I love.  He mostly takes pictures of old buildings and cars...even sells them! I can't wait to get these bad boys framed and hung!!

Man, we are one GOOD lookin' couple...{heehee}

I love this one of the perfectly captures some of the quirky things the kids do lately.  It's perfect.

Monday, September 12, 2011


Jack started preschool today, which we were ALL excited for.  He loves school, and I love having a few hours of "Bianca" time while Laney takes her afternoon nap.  It's a win-win for everyone involved!!

As Jack gets older, I see more and more of his daddy coming through in his daily habits (his habitual eating for one).  I doubt anyone actually knows this about Scotty, but he lays his clothes out every night for work to make mornings run a little smoother.  I shouldn't have been surprised when Jack picked up the same habit, carefully laying his clothes out every night in the hall or his bedroom.  He even tucks a pair of underwear underneath his pants, and a pair of socks inside his shoes.  The night before his first day of school was ESPECIALLY important.  Heehee, put a smile on my face every time I walked by.

Two cute siblings.  Man, I didn't realize how light Bianca's hair turned this summer...Her and Jack almost look like they have the same color hair!

The ever-huge SpiderMan looks GIANT on his petite little body (Yes, I realize that that was a redundant statement. deal with it.)

The Diva in the background thought I was taking pictures of her...that little turkey. 

The million dollar smile.  This kid has "heart breaker" written ALL over him.

And this sassy lady, there are no words for her...

"Mom, take a picture of my purse"

"Hey Jack, give me one more smile for your big 1st day"

"No, not that one you stinker...the REAL one."

"Yep, that's the money shot" 

Here's to another fabulous school year!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Another fish in the family...

In Utah, we discovered Laney's love for water {much like her fishy dad and brother}.  We visited the splash pad in Highland several times and Miss D couldn't get enough of all the squirting water.

She tested the waters with the small spout but quickly became unamused...

On to bigger, better things.

Bianca was there too...sporting a sweet wedgie. I would be sporting a wedgie too if I had cute little buns like that!

Bianca wasn't nearly as adventurous as Laney.

I don't think this girl could be any happier.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

6 years ago...

A boy and girl got married.
I'm not kidding when I say "girl".  Just ask my mom, I was a CHILD...what kind of mother lets her daughter get married at 19? I'm only kidding mom.  But seriously.

Even if her daughter claims to be oh-so-mature. ha!

6 years ago we rented a 400 square foot apartment, which was just enough room for 2 love birds.

6 years ago we were both in school full time.  I was working on a bachelors in Psychology and Scotty was working on a bachelors in Accounting.

6 years ago Scott and I were both working at the UPS Store, each making about $8 an hour.  Soon after we were married, he quit the UPS Store for a framing job paying TEN bucks an hour...livin' large at that point :)  I'm pretty sure our monthly overhead was only about $750, but I was worried we weren't going to be able to make it work.

6 years ago Scott had {a little} more hair, and I had a few less pounds.  Just kidding hun, your hair is still as thick and beautiful as it was the day we met. Love you babe. heehee.

6 years later we have three {beautiful} healthy children. two bachelors degrees, an almost Masters degree, a home (that's bigger than 400 sq feet!), and two great jobs that thankfully pay more than $8 an hour.
We feel blessed to live the lives we do.  Each day brings something new for us to tackle and something new to enjoy.  We laugh everyday, cry on occasion, and love the three little rugrats that rule our lives. 
I love you, Handsome.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Face painter extraordinaire!

We have a myriad of unique and interesting professions in my family.

I have a brother-in-law who is a Funeral Director, a brother who is a Border Patrol Agent and paramedic, another brother who is the Assistant Superintendant at a golf course which includes some exciting things like picking off pesky rabbits with rocks, and mowing lawns :). I also have yet another brother who has become a Farrier or horseshoeing expert (that is some SERIOUS business by the way. more on that another day). 

There is also my talented aunt Denise.  She is naturally very creative and artistic, but has recently taken up the art of face painting.  We aren't talking a rainbow on your cheek at the elementary school carnival, either.  It takes some real skill to do what she does. 

Over the 4th of July, we got together and let her paint the kids' faces.  Bianca was in HEAVEN.  I have never seen a more giddy girl...sparkles, jewels, and pink.  There aren't many more important things in a 3 year old diva's life, right?!?

Bianca held so still, but she could hardly stand the wait to see herself in mirror.

She smiled and posed in the mirror all night long.

 You better believe we jumped at the chance for painting the next day at brunch. 

Once again, the mirror was essential.  I even saw her sneak a few kisses into the mirror. no joke.

This girl KNOWS she's a knockout.

Jack joined the fun too, but he needed something manly like Spiderman, complete with jewel in the center...because every spider looks more tough with a diamond middle, no?

Let's be honest people, if the kids are doing something cool, I am most likely going to be in on the action.  I'm still a child, didn't you know that?

Lookin' good.

Thanks Denise, for your fabulous work...we can't wait to get painted up again!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Summer nights

There aren't many things better in life than a summer evening in Utah.

Around 7:30 things cool down a bit, and it's perfect to run through the sprinklers, and relax on the lawn.

Life. is. good.

I can't wait for 21 more nights just like this one...

Sunday, June 26, 2011


Jack and Bianca are at such a fun age right now (I feel like I say that all the time).  Their little minds are constantly racing to put things together and figure things out.  Whenever I call and tell my mom about their latest hilarious moments, she always says "Did you write that down?" to which I reply "No, but I should"  

So here you go Mama...

These three instances happened all in the same day earlier this week...

Jack came into the bathroom fully dressed for the day, but his pants were on backwards. 

"Hey buddy, your pants are on backwards"

"I know, mom"

"how about you take them off and put them on the right way..."

"No fanks, I like them this way 'cause if they're backwards then I don't have a hole in my knee anymore.  And I don't like holes in my knees"

"Ok, can't argue with you there pal"

I learned two valuable lessons with that conversation.  1) For heaven sakes, buy the kid some new pants. 2) with Jack it's obvious that "out of sight, out of mind" I'm going to go ahead and use that to my advantage.


Lately, we have really been working with the kids on things like being kind, being grateful, being know, all the important things that kids need to learn so that people don't think they were raised in a barn.  Several times a day the kids will here me say "Are you being kind?", "Are you being obedient?", yada yada yada I'm a broken record. I know.

Anyway, the conversation went like this...

"Jack, did you clean your room up like I asked you?"

"Yeah, mom"

"Great!! Thanks so much, buddy!"

"Mom (as he rolls his eyes), don't worry...I'm BEING welcome"

That kid.


Most of you know how psychotic Bianca is about her wardrobe.  If you need a little refresher, you can re-watch this video (and just so you know, she hasn’t grown out of these tantrums…she’s only gotten bigger, stronger, and louder. We still have tears at least once a day over what she wears.)

Lately, I’ve been letting her pick her own clothes (for the most part), and with that has come MANY conversations about things that “match”. That’s kind of a tricky concept to a three year old. (Heck, sometimes I still don’t know what things match.)

A few days ago, Bianca put on this little number...

"Mom look, white and white (as she excitedly points to the little white spaces on her shirt and pants). They match!!"

Looks like we still have a long way to go with this girl.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Hand's On...

Olympia has a lot of great things to offer, especially for families.  One of our favorite places to take the kids is the Hand's On Museum.  It's full of little exhibits that are just that, hand's on. 

 The doctor's office is Bianca's favorite place to play...she likes to give the babies check-ups and look at the x-ray machine.  She HAS to wear the stylin' white lab coat.

 Watering the garden...

The grocery store.

"Hey babe, I want to take a picture of you and Delaney...can you make sure and flex your giant guns for me?  Oh, you already are? OK, thanks..."

Silly Scotty.

The construction zone.  Jack was determined to get EVERY single rock into the dump trunk.

And he did.

Geez, who is that little girl with the crack?!? Who is her mother?

 Playing in the Moon sand box.  Even Scotty and I got in on the action. 

Have you ever played with moon sand? Totally fun.

 Here is the water table that we have to pull Jack {and Scott} away from every time we come. 

We always leave completely soaked, but it's well worth it!

And even though little Laney is still too young to join the fun, she is certainly never forgotten...

Later at the park

Crawlin' like crazy! 

Here's to great summer beginnings...we can't wait for a little more heat and sunshine to roll our way!