Monday, September 12, 2011


Jack started preschool today, which we were ALL excited for.  He loves school, and I love having a few hours of "Bianca" time while Laney takes her afternoon nap.  It's a win-win for everyone involved!!

As Jack gets older, I see more and more of his daddy coming through in his daily habits (his habitual eating for one).  I doubt anyone actually knows this about Scotty, but he lays his clothes out every night for work to make mornings run a little smoother.  I shouldn't have been surprised when Jack picked up the same habit, carefully laying his clothes out every night in the hall or his bedroom.  He even tucks a pair of underwear underneath his pants, and a pair of socks inside his shoes.  The night before his first day of school was ESPECIALLY important.  Heehee, put a smile on my face every time I walked by.

Two cute siblings.  Man, I didn't realize how light Bianca's hair turned this summer...Her and Jack almost look like they have the same color hair!

The ever-huge SpiderMan looks GIANT on his petite little body (Yes, I realize that that was a redundant statement. deal with it.)

The Diva in the background thought I was taking pictures of her...that little turkey. 

The million dollar smile.  This kid has "heart breaker" written ALL over him.

And this sassy lady, there are no words for her...

"Mom, take a picture of my purse"

"Hey Jack, give me one more smile for your big 1st day"

"No, not that one you stinker...the REAL one."

"Yep, that's the money shot" 

Here's to another fabulous school year!!


Heather said...

Ahhh, what a charmer!! LOVE that he laid out his clothes. I haven't even figured out what Aidan's wearing tomorrow! ugh! (might be nice when Aidan picks them out himself!)

Bianca... what a goof with her purse. Wonder if Lilah will turn out to be such a diva??? I see her becoming a tomboy!

Emily said...

Those clothes laying out (including the undies) has me laughing out loud. That kid is something else. I hope he continues to love school, and you continue to love your "time off"!

Kim said...

He IS going to be a heart braker. What a handsome kid. And Biance cracks me up, what cutie.

Erica said...

Ok, so Jack seriously is so adorable! He looks so much like you. And Bianca! I love that she wanted you to take a picture of her purse...while she was posing. :) What darling kids you have!

Cindy said...

That is one handsome young man. I think he is growing into his backpack! Just give him a year or two. Bianca is darling. Love these kids!

Grandma Scott said...

Fun, Fun... I hope he loves school.