Monday, September 29, 2008

the pink stroller replaced...

When we were living in Utah my mom had this pink doll stroller that jack LOVED to push around. He would put his toys and bouncy balls in it and take them all over the back yard. When we moved to Washington, Grandma Susie had this lawn mower (that even makes this delightfully ANNOYING fluttering noise just like a real lawn mower) and jackson took to that thing like a fly to garbage. He pushes it around ALL. day. long. Rain or shine, that lawn mower can be heard fluttering up and down the side walk during most of the day.

I do have to say, despite the obnoxious noise of the fake motor, I like seeing jack push around something that isn't pink with flowers.

Uncle Paul, maybe you could hire jack on to your mowing crew, he makes great straight lines and will work for almost nothing...all you have to do is throw him a popsicle and some water every so often and he is set!!

Friday, September 19, 2008

A little something to brighten your day

...As my little brother Max would say "that smile 'slays' me".

Sunday, September 14, 2008

And then one thing lead to another...

Let me set the scene: It was a beautiful day. Scott had just arrived home from work and dinner still had about 25 minutes. We came outside, spread out a blanket and the following story unfolded.

****I happened to have my camera because the kids were in particularly good moods and thought I could get some cute shots. Also, keep in mind that as this happened I was NOT being a neglectful parent who was just thinking about a great blog as I was snapping pictures...Scott was in the background taking care of the wounded and weeping!

1. Bianca is getting more mobile and so Jack actually really likes to play with her now. note: look at Bianca's fingers nearing Jacks mouth...she better watch out, that kid has chompers like an alligator. believe me, I have been in their grasp.

2. Oops Bianca, there goes those chompers on a death grip...I am surprised her finger wasn't bitten off in the process. Another note: biting is kind of a game for Jack. If someones fingers ever get near he chomps down (usually Scott and I know to get our fingers out of the way). Poor girl never had a chance.

3. Here come the water blood, just a purple little blister starting to form.

4. Jack is EXTREMELY sensitive...once he realized he hurt his little sis, he start to cry. uncontrollably. yet another note: I thought I would re-emphasize the fact that I wasn't just standing by taking pictures while my children were both sobbing...Scott was taking care of Bianca in the back ground.

5. The STILL upset Jack needed a little TLC from daddy...the poor kid couldn't stop crying. Notice the fingers in the mouth, and the stroking of the eye lashes. All this crying must have made him tired.

6. All is well..."Jack, apologize to your sister for biting, then give her kisses. And Bianca, watch where you put those fingers please."

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Car wash baby...

...or should I say Jack wash. A few days ago we had some beautiful weather, a free afternoon, and some kids looking for something to do. It was a perfect activity for a bunch of little kids, especially since it gave me a good chance to clean out the inside of my car (it was looking pretty bad from the long road trip a few weeks ago). Jack was completely enthralled with the hose, and the car wash turned quickly into a sopping wet child (but sufficiently dehydrated). Let's look at the sequence of events:

1. "Hmm, this water is fun to touch. Oh, and it's coming out fast"

2. "Maybe I could get a little taste of the nice, cold water"

3. Ok, I give in...I will just put my WHOLE face and body in the water, It feels nice anyway!"

You can't really tell, but the water from the hose is actually covering his entire face...I'm not sure how the kid was breathing!

Bianca was enjoying the entire scene from the grass. She loves to watch the kids play out side, and I'm sure she will be right there with them all too soon!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A new love...

When we moved to Washington I was worried about how Jack would adjust to a new home, new family, and new surroundings. So far he has done pretty well, but there is one thing we have at our new place that has made the transition a little easier...a trampoline, oh and a trampoline with a massive net around it no less! I didn't think a little kid could love something so much. If I let him out in the back yard he makes a b-line straight for the tramp and I have to literally peel him away from it. I have to admit, the kid has developed some pretty mad jumping skills. I thought I would share some of his happiness...