Monday, October 27, 2008


With two very young kids, sometimes it's hard to find something fun that the whole family can do and really enjoy themselves. Well, we found that something this was the perfect combination of low stress-low budget-fun for an hour-parents not wanting to strangle themselves-fun. The place was called Lattin's, it is a little apple farm near our house. It had a little wagon ride, a fun little petting zoo where you could feed all the animals, and all their apples were only .99 cents a anyone aver had a HONEYCRISP apple? If you haven't, go to the store and fork out the 3.49 a lb. all you non-Washingtonian people are's definitely worth it.

You can see Bianca is thoroughly enjoying herself..

Jack was like a little kid in a candy store (or a petting zoo) at Lattin's... This picture pretty much sums up his expression for the ENTIRE hour that we were there....

This was our pathetic attempt to get a picture of me and Bianca on the hay ride. The whole ride was so bumpy...we couldn't even hold the camera still long enough to get one decent shot. And believe me, we tried!

hmm...a semi-okay looking family picture. At least all faces are pointed in the right direction. Does that EVER happen?!?

Jack and scotty raced to the car...I think Jack could could have won, but right after this picture was taken the poor kid bit the dust. Quite literally.
You know it's a good family outing when jack can't even stay awake for the 10 minute drive home...we tuckered this kid right out!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A short, informative conversation

Warning: this post contains "potty humor", if it offends you please move on to your next blog.

Before I share the conversation that occurred between me and Jack, I must fill you in on a few things so you can get a better mental image.

1. Many of you have witnessed "the face", but if you haven't you should know that ever since Jack was a newborn, when he tries to potty, this is the face he makes...
Yes, it is funny but I do hope for his sake he grows out of it eventually.

2. Jack has begun to talk. A lot. He is like a little parrot so we really have to watch what we say to him. Because he is learning new words, he is much easier to communicate with.

ok, now that you are up to speed, this is the short, yet informative conversation that occurred:

Jack in the corner, grunting and making "the face".

Me: "What are you doin' over there buddy?"

more grunting

Jack(with a crinkled nose): "I stink...I stink...I pooh"
***I imagine he is saying this because when ever I change his diaper I always say "whew, that stinks Jack"

Me: "Okay, are you done so we can change you"

Jack: "no"

Grunt, and more of "the face"

Jack: "YES!!"

Oh, the sweet joys of motherhood.

Thank you Jack, for making me smile all day long...even if it is in a sick sort of way!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A busy weekend

As some of you know, I help my sister in laws with their little boutique called Waddell Creek Rustics. This weekend we did one of the biggest shows of the year called "The Secret Garden". Along with my vinyl signs, I decided to try my hand at some confections. I made these white chocolate carmeled apples and people LOVED them. I sold out my entire inventory on the first day.

Scott brought the kids down to visit one day and Jack was enthralled with the flowers or "wowers" as he calls them. He thinks they are "petee"

I thought this picture of Scott and Bianca was darling...gotta love that chub!

Mustard yellow is starting to come back into style from the seventies. We had a lady comment, "I just got my mom to get rid of all her nasty mustard stuff, and now it's coming back. great. I guess it's coming back cuter though"

We are having another show this weekend, so things are going to get crazy again! I do have a lot of fun though...and luckily I have a VERY patient husband who is nice enough to help out.