Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A short, informative conversation

Warning: this post contains "potty humor", if it offends you please move on to your next blog.

Before I share the conversation that occurred between me and Jack, I must fill you in on a few things so you can get a better mental image.

1. Many of you have witnessed "the face", but if you haven't you should know that ever since Jack was a newborn, when he tries to potty, this is the face he makes...
Yes, it is funny but I do hope for his sake he grows out of it eventually.

2. Jack has begun to talk. A lot. He is like a little parrot so we really have to watch what we say to him. Because he is learning new words, he is much easier to communicate with.

ok, now that you are up to speed, this is the short, yet informative conversation that occurred:

Jack in the corner, grunting and making "the face".

Me: "What are you doin' over there buddy?"

more grunting

Jack(with a crinkled nose): "I stink...I stink...I pooh"
***I imagine he is saying this because when ever I change his diaper I always say "whew, that stinks Jack"

Me: "Okay, are you done so we can change you"

Jack: "no"

Grunt, and more of "the face"

Jack: "YES!!"

Oh, the sweet joys of motherhood.

Thank you Jack, for making me smile all day long...even if it is in a sick sort of way!


Amy Lindstrom said...

Oh my heck! That totally cracked me up!

Cal and Whit said...

That is so funny! What a crack up he is! I love the pic of him at the beginning!

Spencer and Kim said...

I remember that face all to well. It was so funny yet so sad that he was having such a hard time with it. I couldn't believe how much he is talking. What a cutie.

melody said...

Ha ha ha! I am glad you've caught that expression for all time!

Celena Patten said...

I remember that face. How fun that he is talking more and understands what you are saying. This is where they start to say the funniest things. What a fun age.