Sunday, June 26, 2011


Jack and Bianca are at such a fun age right now (I feel like I say that all the time).  Their little minds are constantly racing to put things together and figure things out.  Whenever I call and tell my mom about their latest hilarious moments, she always says "Did you write that down?" to which I reply "No, but I should"  

So here you go Mama...

These three instances happened all in the same day earlier this week...

Jack came into the bathroom fully dressed for the day, but his pants were on backwards. 

"Hey buddy, your pants are on backwards"

"I know, mom"

"how about you take them off and put them on the right way..."

"No fanks, I like them this way 'cause if they're backwards then I don't have a hole in my knee anymore.  And I don't like holes in my knees"

"Ok, can't argue with you there pal"

I learned two valuable lessons with that conversation.  1) For heaven sakes, buy the kid some new pants. 2) with Jack it's obvious that "out of sight, out of mind" I'm going to go ahead and use that to my advantage.


Lately, we have really been working with the kids on things like being kind, being grateful, being know, all the important things that kids need to learn so that people don't think they were raised in a barn.  Several times a day the kids will here me say "Are you being kind?", "Are you being obedient?", yada yada yada I'm a broken record. I know.

Anyway, the conversation went like this...

"Jack, did you clean your room up like I asked you?"

"Yeah, mom"

"Great!! Thanks so much, buddy!"

"Mom (as he rolls his eyes), don't worry...I'm BEING welcome"

That kid.


Most of you know how psychotic Bianca is about her wardrobe.  If you need a little refresher, you can re-watch this video (and just so you know, she hasn’t grown out of these tantrums…she’s only gotten bigger, stronger, and louder. We still have tears at least once a day over what she wears.)

Lately, I’ve been letting her pick her own clothes (for the most part), and with that has come MANY conversations about things that “match”. That’s kind of a tricky concept to a three year old. (Heck, sometimes I still don’t know what things match.)

A few days ago, Bianca put on this little number...

"Mom look, white and white (as she excitedly points to the little white spaces on her shirt and pants). They match!!"

Looks like we still have a long way to go with this girl.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Hand's On...

Olympia has a lot of great things to offer, especially for families.  One of our favorite places to take the kids is the Hand's On Museum.  It's full of little exhibits that are just that, hand's on. 

 The doctor's office is Bianca's favorite place to play...she likes to give the babies check-ups and look at the x-ray machine.  She HAS to wear the stylin' white lab coat.

 Watering the garden...

The grocery store.

"Hey babe, I want to take a picture of you and Delaney...can you make sure and flex your giant guns for me?  Oh, you already are? OK, thanks..."

Silly Scotty.

The construction zone.  Jack was determined to get EVERY single rock into the dump trunk.

And he did.

Geez, who is that little girl with the crack?!? Who is her mother?

 Playing in the Moon sand box.  Even Scotty and I got in on the action. 

Have you ever played with moon sand? Totally fun.

 Here is the water table that we have to pull Jack {and Scott} away from every time we come. 

We always leave completely soaked, but it's well worth it!

And even though little Laney is still too young to join the fun, she is certainly never forgotten...

Later at the park

Crawlin' like crazy! 

Here's to great summer beginnings...we can't wait for a little more heat and sunshine to roll our way!