Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The little fish turns into a big fish...

Jackson's floaties popped just before we went to the pool yesterday, so we decided to let him play on the steps until Grandma Susie arrived with a new pair.  Scott took him out to kick his legs a little bit, and then let him go to see if he could stay afloat (I know, I know...please don't call Child Services on us).  Much to our surprise, Jack just took off.  Within 10 minutes this kid was swimming the length of the pool (with Daddy in close proximity of course).  I caught a few minutes of the madness on camera...this kid seriously NEVER slows down.
So, do we see an olympic swimmer in the future?!? 

Maybe not, but we DO see a completely worn out 3 year old who sleeps well and takes 4 hour naps...I'll take it.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Important bedtime teaching...

I walked in on something a little unsettling last night. 

 The kids were waiting for us to come in their room for the usual bedtime routine, and I heard hysterical laughter.  Normally, that would have been adorable and charming...you know, one of those moments that makes you so happy to be a parent.  When I actually walked into the room, I discovered the laughter was coming from Jack and Bianca "knocking" the dolls in the head over the bed as hard as they could, like some sort of piñata or something.

Oh brother...I knew it was time for a lesson about being gentle with babies. Afterall, there will be one in the house soon!

First, daddy showed the kids how to gently wrap baby Delaney {yes, that's what we have decided to name the sweet thing...pretty darling isn't it?!?}.

Spead out the blanket, then put Delaney at the top, VERY softly.  Then fold up the middle.

Then wrap her up tightly (but gently!) like a burrito.

Make sure to hold her head, and give gentle kisses.

Aaah, much better than treating the little one like a piñata.

Your turn Miss Bianca...

She was more of an observant learner.  I'm sure she was just soaking it all in.

And make sure to give gentle kisses, that's the most important part.

I don't know, maybe baby Delaney will have a chance at survival afterall!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Big Changes...

I know it's been a while, but there have been a lot of exciting things going on in the Springer house! 

With a third little one on the way, we knew we needed to upgrade from the apartment life we have been living for the last 5 years. *Gasp* I can't believe we have almost been married that long!  We started looking into buying a home and the perfect one landed in our laps.  We are scheduled to close on the 27th...moving when nearly 8 months pregnant will be all sorts of fun I'm sure.

The price was right, the location was perfect, and the timing impeccable.

Here she is, brand spankin' new...

...with fabulous appliances.  I don't think you all know how excited I am to have a full size refrigerator and a microwave that fits our dinner plates!

I love the big windows, and out the back of those windows is a giant wall of trees.  Fabulous.

I am pretty sure this master bathroom is bigger than the master bedroom we live in now.

 You think I'm kidding.

I'm not.

Hello belly.  You are looking especially plump these days. 

And speaking of other big changes...My belly, ankles, and face are changing at a rapid pace. 

Here I am at 31 weeks. I can't believe I still have 2 months left.  I feel great, but am looking forward to having this pregnancy over with.  For some reason, having two toddlers around drains me like you would not believe!  I can't wait to have my energy back.

And the last big change is the weather! After a freezing cold 4th of July, summer has finally decided to show it's face up here in the Northwest.  Being 7 months prengnant in 90+ degree weather with out an air conditioner is pretty brutal.  Luckily we have an awesome pool to pass the heat away...

I'm convinced Jack and Bianca were fish in a previous life.  

Here is proof of Jack and his mad swimming skills...this kid has more energy than I know what to do with. 

There you have it...lots going on, and more to come in the coming months, stay posted!