Saturday, June 28, 2008

When good chocolate goes bad...

...Just in case any one was wondering what happens when you give an almost 2 year old a fudgsicle when it's 95 degrees out side...

Now you know!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Backyard Adventures

Ever since I was little I thought my parents had the absolute best back yard. There are fruit trees, a hill to roll down, a swingset, basketball hoop, sandbox, and garden. I have fond memories of "night games", setting up obstacle courses with my friends, playing "king of bonker hill", and sitting in the shade under the apricot tree playing card games. As I became a teenager the back yard summer adventures came to a hault and were replaced with tanning on the grahams trampoline with lemon juice in our hair, movies, and boys. Jack is finally old enough to make his own "back yard adventures" and it's nice to see this back yard back in action! (although I have to say it seems much smaller than I remember) It's so entertaining to see what his little creative mind comes up with. I can always see the little wheels turning in his head as he is looking for the next place to go. He loves the hose (especially if I let a little water trickle out of it), swinging on the swings, and running....this kid LOVES to run!! I hope he will have as much fun in this backyard as I did.

oh, and as for Bianca...she is content to just chill with mom in a lawnchair and watch as jack runs around. Maybe next year her she will find some adventures of her own in Nana and Bompa's back yard!

Friday, June 20, 2008

A terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day...

If you take a second and look at the above picture you can see that jack had a pretty rough day. Let's start at the pants. Jack had a little accident during his nap that resulted in wet pants and the removal thereof. Moving up to his knee with the band aid, the poor kid gets running so fast sometimes he can't quite stop in time. His poor knee has seen more concrete than any knee ought to. The beautiful flowered shirt was graciously provided by cousin Eliza after Jack battled with applesauce and lost. He couldn't go shirtless outside because his irresponsible mommy forgot to put sunscreen on at the pool and he was already suffering from a pretty wicked sunburn. As for his sweet, dirt covered face, I couldn't even muster a smile out of the kid that LOVES the outdoors (probably due to his burning shoulders or the embarrassment of the flower shirt...hard to tell). It's a good thing tomorrow is another day and little jack will rebound as if none of this ever happened!

p.s. Bianca had a wonderful day complete with great naps and a beautiful evening in the bumbo (thanks mel).