Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Backyard Adventures

Ever since I was little I thought my parents had the absolute best back yard. There are fruit trees, a hill to roll down, a swingset, basketball hoop, sandbox, and garden. I have fond memories of "night games", setting up obstacle courses with my friends, playing "king of bonker hill", and sitting in the shade under the apricot tree playing card games. As I became a teenager the back yard summer adventures came to a hault and were replaced with tanning on the grahams trampoline with lemon juice in our hair, movies, and boys. Jack is finally old enough to make his own "back yard adventures" and it's nice to see this back yard back in action! (although I have to say it seems much smaller than I remember) It's so entertaining to see what his little creative mind comes up with. I can always see the little wheels turning in his head as he is looking for the next place to go. He loves the hose (especially if I let a little water trickle out of it), swinging on the swings, and running....this kid LOVES to run!! I hope he will have as much fun in this backyard as I did.

oh, and as for Bianca...she is content to just chill with mom in a lawnchair and watch as jack runs around. Maybe next year her she will find some adventures of her own in Nana and Bompa's back yard!


Candise said...

Funny, "Bonkers" hill was "Bunkers" hill when I was a kid...actually it wasn't much of a hill at all back in the olden days. Maybe Jackson will call it "Bompas" hill, and the evolution will continue! Cute kids - we miss them!

Emily said...

What cute pictures. All of you are so photogenic.

Hey you didn't mention the chickens in the back yard. I remember playing a little back there. Man, those were the days. Night games, and tanning.

melody said...

It is a great yard. What grandkids could ask for more?

Oh, and you are welcome to come tan on the tramp at my new house any day.

Travis & Celena Patten said...

You take the cutes pictures! I had a big back yard growing up and I thought it was the coolest yard ever! Of course things changed over the years just as it did for you, but I have many fond memories of that yard.
Your little girl will have just as much fun as Jack and they will talk about it just like you.
Funny, I had the same blog layout as you now have. You have great taste! :0)

cindy said...

Dad put countless hours working on 'the back yard', we wanted a great place for our children to play. Now it is fun to watch the grandchildren enjoy it too! We all need a space to play and call our own!!

Spencer and Kim said...

What wonderful fond memories! I'm sure Jack Jack loves it. You look really good, too by the way. Love the hair.

Jessica said...

Jill, I am lame-o with the blog posts, I look at your blog all the time but never say anything. I LOVE Jack. I've never seen him in person but he seems hilarious and so much fun. You have such a darling family.

I also just found a tag you had in December and I am going to resond to it, maybe a christmas in July effect.


Paul Harris said...

Jack is such a fun, energetic kid. I'm sure he will have fond memories of Nana and Bompas' backyard. You and Bianca are so photogenic.