Thursday, August 27, 2009

Proof that dads are ALWAYS more fun...

Bath time at our house is quick and painless. I strip the kids down, wash off the dirt, get them out, and jammie them up. five minutes. tops.

BUT, when it's daddy's turn for the regiment, madness breaks loose.

When I dump a scant amount of bubble soap, dad pours in about a exaggeration there.

When I put about three inches of water in the tub for fear of someone slipping and drowning, dad fills up the tub to the very. tip. top.
Does this look like the face of a boy who would protest the insane amount of bubbles and water? No siree, not this little fish.

"Ok, this is more fun than I can handle, these bubbles are making me claustrophobic..."

Thanks dad, for making bath time fun...I suppose it should be every once in a while.


Paul & Kaytie said...

I love that face of Bianca's! She is such a doll. And I think its ok for dads to make everyday things seem a little bit more fun. Isn't that what they are supposed to do?

Kim said...

That is so funny, Spencer is the same way. I love it. kids are getting so big, they are so adorable.

We miss you guys, hope everything is going well.

Becky said...

Rub a Dub Dub- throw em in the tub!! It's actually opposite at our house. Tyler does the little water with no bubbles, me- fill that baby up and dump them bubbles in!

That was fun last night with the good eats. We'll have to have you over for games sometime soon.

Jessie said...

Look at those water babies! I am terrified that Crew will slip in the tub and land face down and drown! My worst nightmare!

ps. Can your kids get any cuter? I doubt it!

Amy said...

Actually at the Murphy house, I take FULL advantage of the fact that they actually want to play in the water forEVER!! I try and get as much done as possible before someone makes someone else cry. Love all the pics, your kids are darling and Bianca is so so pretty! What a doll.

Tyler and Sunni said...

Jilly, your kids are sooo cute. It's crazy how you love them so much.

The Stucki's said...

I'm so glad you found us from Becky's blog. Now I can look at your's too. I love Bianca getting stuck on the side of the crib, and that you thought to take a picture. Totally something I would do.

Travis and Celena said...

It is interesting how mom's like to make things short sweet and to the point and dad's will do just the opposite. I wonder how it is going to be with Travis and I when our little ones are old enough.