Monday, May 12, 2008

Mothers day part II

This is from your son-in-law who eats like a hog
In response to your comments which appeared on our blog.
She doesn’t like to swim and she hates to camp.
Just give her some pictures or something to stamp.
She loves to give service, she’s there in a flash.
Her determination is writing checks that her back can’t cash.
Yea that’s right, her back tends to hurt.
But she won’t be complaining while making dessert.
Always a giver, never a taker.
She’s the Michael Jordan to all homemakers.
Cindy’s known as Nana to all her grandkids.
Giving them books when winning her bids.
Cindy is perfect, she has no flaw.
O.K. now I’m just brown-nosing my mother-in-law.

Thanks for being a great Nana to our children, we love you!


cindy said...

I am touched that you would write a poem for me.
You have a talent that I didn't forsee.
I do love when the grandkids come to play
And Scotty, I'll take your brown-noseing anyday!!
Thank you!!!

Spencer and Kim said...

Those are the sweetest poems Scotty. You have a wonderful talent that I'm sure not very many people know about.

melody said...

I love it!