Friday, May 23, 2008

Jammies, hats, and bubbles

This has been a crazy week full of all sorts of adventures at the Springer house. We got jack these new jammies since the weather has been warming up. They even come with a little cape...adorable.
I couldn't resist putting this little sun hat on sweet Bianca when we went to the park, she wasn't so happy about the idea but the blogger in me couldn't stand not to have a picture.

Jack is mezmerized by bubbles so any chance we get we are out on the lawn popping away. It has been pretty cold and rainy this week but jack has to get out for his (and my) sanity. This bubble blowing escapade took place after a rainstorm...notice the soaking jeans and red cheeks...nothing can stop little Jack!


Marianne said...

Darling! We are the new babysitters in town... call us anytime! (We're very cheap. As in free)

Sarah said...

cute fam! Fun to see jack in person for the first time!

FishinFamily said...

Bubbles are awesome! Jack looks so cute. I love Bianca's outfit. What a doll!! You are such a good mom!!

Lindsey said...

I see that he doesn't have his trusty watering can by his side anymore. What a shame.