Thursday, October 18, 2007

the great escape...

I just had to blog this becuase it was so funny. Last night scott and I were chatting in our living room and when I couldn't hear the silly squeals of jack playing I knew some thing must be wrong. I looked behind me and I could see that he had gotten himself stuck in the middle of one of our bar stools. I don't know how he wiggled his way in there, but he couldn't figure our how to free himself. I went to get him out and scott said "hold on a sec...lets see if he can figure it out" so we sat back and watched while silently laughing as jack tried to free himself. He honestly tried to get out the this position for 15 minutes before my pregnant bladder couldn't take any more laughter and we had to free him. What a trooper!!

Scott was trying to coax him out with a cany corn pumpkin

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Jonny said...

This is actually Melody. I love this story! What a funny little munchkin he is.