Saturday, November 10, 2007

christmas pet peeve

I have to start my saying that I love everything about the christmas season...I love shopping, parties, lights, decorations, music, etc, etc. Having said that I now have to let out a small complaint...What the heck is with FM 100 already playing all christmas music for?!? aren't there unspoken rules about christmas that nothing can happen until after thanksgiving? I walked into wal-mart earlier this week and it was as if christmas had vomited all over the place!! give me a break...we just finished halloween. I think the "holidays" are coming a little too early so I am playing scrooge's sdvocate and not turning on FM100 until afterthanksgiving...even though I do love my "soft sounds".


Sarah said...

I used to be exactly the same way. But this year I got into the groove a little early because, well, my Christmas vacation starts in less than a month. Plus I have to work during Thanksgiving so I am kind of missing that holiday too. (night before, night of, and night after... yes, it stinks.) So, I started christmas music a little early.

Ronnie & KaLee said...

I totally agree! I hate this early Christmas stuff. I was watching t.v. this weekend and "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" was on! I couldn't believe it!

melody said...

Yes, as much as I love the season, I am with you on the Christmas music. It's even worse with KOSY and FM 100 because they only have so many songs that they play over and over again. I don't want to get tired of them before December even hits! I wonder if they really get more listeners??