Sunday, March 9, 2008

Lazy Sundays

I don't love early church (Jack doesn't normally get up until about noon so you can imagine the struggle to pull him out of bed at 8:30). I do however love getting home at 12:00 and having the rest of the day to do absolutely nothing except lounge with my little family, then go to my moms for delicious dinner. Today Scott came home from his clerk duties to find his two favorite gals relaxing on the couch and couldn't resist a picture...He managed to get one those pictures that every one tries and tries to get of their newborn smiling. precious.


Nikki said...

Oh she is so adorable and I love all her hair!!

Amy Lindstrom said...

WOW! She is totally getting big FAST! Crazy!

That is a precious smile!

melody said...

Darling pictures - what a smile! Maybe someday Julia will have as much hair as your little one. She looks like an angel baby, sounds like she is one too?