Thursday, March 20, 2008


Before you watch this You tube video I have to explain my self...I don't have many fears, but one fear, border line extreme phobia I have is these Wheeler guys in the Return to Oz movie. When I was younger I watched this movie(I'm not sure why, it is completely terrifying) and ever since I have played these wheeling men over and over in my mind. After watching this movie I would have to run up a flight of stairs from a dark basement because I always was afraid that if I walked, the wheelers would get me. If I am ever by myself some where dark, I automatically think about them. I know it is silly, but it's very true.

I hadn't seen this movie in probably 15 years. The other day we had some friends over and we began talking about the wheelers for some reason that I don't remember. Scott has always known about my fear but has never seen the wheelers so we all got on You tube to see what we could find. When we pulled it up I reacted in a way I never expected. No lie, I actually screamed and dropped to the floor in the fetal position and almost started to cry while begging Scott to turn it off. Scott said "whoa, I can see why you are afraid of these things...they really are creepy"

I have been watching this video over and over and only after I have seen it about 10 times am I able to watch it without flinching and looking away...I will conquer this fear!

But you all have to admit, these things are seriously scary, and no one, especially not children should be watching this madness!

p.s. the premise of this show is as follows: Dorothy gets put in a mental hospital after telling people about her trip to Oz. She escapes, falls in to a river, and upon getting out she is in Oz again. The yellow brick road is all torn apart, people every where have been turned to stone and she begins her journey to figure out what went wrong. Rent it if you dare.


Emily said...

I remember a lot about that movie too, and being really scared of those guys. They are so mean with that horrible laugh. The whole thing is all very frightening. Doesn't the queen lady change her hair or face or something? I remember a room with display cases full of different heads. What a demented show. Way to face your fears. I think "It" was my haunting movie.

Jessica said...

Return to Mom still has a copy on VHS. Most terrifying film of the 80s. The wheelers will also ever be creepy to me. I'm glad you agree Jill.

Sarah said...

Ew! I had to stop it after about 5 seconds. They are a lot worse than I remember. I am not surprised you have an extreme fear.

Jason and Kimber said...

Jilly--I said I would get on and give you our blog. Sorry I am slow.
I have to agree with the fears of that movie. Always hated it!
I think you have the cutest little family. Keep in touch.

Travis and Kristy said...

That movie is nuts. I had never seen anything but what you just showed. I definitly won't be renting it. Thanks for the heads up!