Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Purse contents tag

As requested, here are the contents of my purse which was purchased at TJ Max...
-The diapers and wipes are a given with two kids. My new born does require at least three diapers anytime we go anywhere-this girl messes her pants more than I thought humanly possible!

-The prescription bottles are the oh-so-wonderful pain killers from my recent c-section. Luckily I don't need them much anymore!

- The finger puppet and graham crackers are for a bored Jack in a long grocery store check out line...if you don't have finger puppets they really are a must-You can purchase a rather large bag of them at IKEA for under 5 dollars.
- Wallet

- Lotion for dry winter hands

- Balmex for dry winter bums...especially the one that needs changing three times an hour!

- keys

- a pen just in case

There you have it, it really isn't much but I like to keep it simple so that every time I stick my hand in my large purse I can actually find what I'm looking for. oh-and my phone is in my purse when I am on the go, obviously I am not at the moment so it is sitting right next to me.

I tag my sister candise becuase I took a peek into your purse the other day and was amazed at all the stuff you could fit in there.


melody said...

I admire your minimalist attitude toward your purse. You've always been so good at narrowing things down! Hey, I MUST come see that baby of yours again. I bet she is just getting bigger and cuter every day. Can't wait!

Travis and Kristy said...

Myles screams and screams when we have to go inside as well! I swear, you would think they realize that they have to eat and sleep sometime. I guess thats why there are parents to tell them they have to. Bianca is adorable, and I love how Jack holds her. It is so sweet. We would love to come to your condo this summer. We will have you guys over for a barbque sometime.