Wednesday, February 16, 2011

We thought we'd make it a family affair....

We have become a house full of Sickies.

Jack is recovering from a nasty ear infection...still totally congested and coughing.

Delaney has some crazy eye infection, along with a fever and cough.

I wasn't able to get a SINGLE smile from this gal today. Not one.

Look at those droopy eyes. Breaks my heart.

Bianca woke up this morning and came into the room holding her throat, wimpering and saying "Jack hurt me, Mama".  The poor girl was blaming Jack for her sore throat. Silly.

She took three naps today, and was tucked in bed fast asleep by 7:30 tonight.

I couldn't get her to eat ANYTHING today...even icecream and 7up couldn't sweeten the deal enough to get anything down her. 

I am suffering from the same thing Bianca is.  Hideous sore throat, fever, and totally drained. 

Daddy rescued the day when he came home from work.  We all perked up a little bit when he walked in the door.  Well, everyone except Delaney...

Scott thought a dance party would get the kids going a little.  I think the only person it going going was Scott.

He lulled Laney to sleep with his sweet air guitar.

having all 4 of us sick at once isn't the worst thing ever.  If I have to be sick, it's nice to have all the kiddos sick at the same time so they aren't running around the house wreaking havoc while I am dead on the couch :)

Here's to hoping things brighten up in the next day or two, but for now I am going to eat another popsicle and head to bed!


Brandon and Becca said...

Sorry you guys are all sick, although all is probably better than just you. Delaney looks especially sad. I love the air guitar though!

Jessie said...

Oh Jill! That picture of Delaney breaks my heart! Being sick is the worst! But you raised a good point, at least you guys are all sick at the same time.

I hope you guys all start feeling better soon!

And Scott, you are the man! Any husband that plays air guitar with their babe is alright by me!

Emily said...

That picture of Delaney is so pitiful! What a poor bunch. I've been there, being sick along with all my kids, and it's not fun. Hopefully Scott escapes all of that so he can keep taking care of you.

Marianne said...

sounds like what's been going around OUR house- minus the kids. Poor Delaney- she looks like I did with a sinus infection. Hope everyone starts feeling better soon!

Travis and Celena said...

Good to get it all done and over with but so sad to see everyone sick. I hope things turn around really quick.

melody said...

So sorry to hear about this! I only wish I couldn't relate. We have been sick here at our house more often this year than any other. Spring time cannot come soon enough! Hope you all get to feeling better very soon.

Crystal Arballo said...

Same thing over here at the Arballo house : ( Hope you guys get better soon.

Sarah said...

I am just getting caught up on my google reader - hope you guys are feeling better.