Monday, February 7, 2011

Getting away, and some Laney lovin'...

Every mama needs to get away for a minute.

Or 48 hours....

Two weeks ago my mom decided she needed to love on little Laney for a day or two.  What kind of daughter would I be if I didn't oblige a far-away Nana?  When the flight was booked, I called all the other gals and luckily Candise and Amber were able to make it out too. (we sure missed Kaytie and Chersten!)

We didn't do much in the 48 hours we were together.  Just the important things...

Like eat.
and laugh.
and eat.
and laugh.
and eat

yup, that pretty much covers it.

Delaney was a little charmer.  She loves her Grandpa.

Even with some teething going on, this girl was all smiles.

Er, smiles and drool.

Most of these cute pics are taken in the kitchen...where we spent most of our time :)

The weekend was short, but we mananged to sneak in some patty-cake....

 Laney LOVED it.

Giggles all around!

Here are the four Harris beauties. Aren't we a good lookin' bunch?

As usual, the weekend was over much too quickly.  I think we need to have a these girls' weekends every few months. 

But next time, I think we need to meet in Hawaii.


And I need to throw a BIG shout out to the Scotty Man who took care of Jack and Bianca for the weekend...when I came home everyone was still alive and the house was clean.  I call that a great success!


Kim said...

I'm so glad that you were able to do that. What a fun trip.
And Kudos to Scotty, for letting you leave two other kids AND having a clean house. What a man

Jessie said...

What a fun little weekend with family! Laney is too cute for words, but so are you so I can see where she gets it!!

When Grant takes care of the kids, the house is almost always a wreck when I get home, so YES Jill, chalk that one up as a success!! :)

Paul & Kaytie said...

Sounds like you had a fun trip. Wish we could have been there. Give Delaney a big kiss from her Aunt Kaytie.

Travis and Celena said...

So much fun! Laney is such a doll and that cute little smile reminds me of your other two peanuts.

cindy said...

Thanks Jill. Laney is a doll, I had a wonderful weekend.

Megan and Taj said...

how fun, and I agree much needed at times :) so glad you had a good time. Also your kids couldn't be any cuter!

Megan and Taj said...

Just wanted to say... your comment on my blog was just too kind! :) Thanks so much!

Sarah said...

So fun! We did this last year and decided it needed to be an annual event. I hope it lasts. Sisters must have an outing together at least that often.

Curtis, Kassi and Katie said...

Sounds absolutely heavenly!!! Stunning "beauties" indeed!!!!!!!!!

Ali said...

That is NOT your baby! They don't grow that fast do they?
How fun! I hope someday to have sister weekends with my sisters and I think you're right about Hawaii being your next stop.