Saturday, March 5, 2011

New rules and crayons...

(Thankyou for all the well wishes...we are all feeling much better and are back to our usual energetic selves!)
We have been switching things up at the Springer house.  I was sick of the noise. Specifically TV noise.

My kids didn't spend all day in front of the tube, but it was always on first thing in the morning and then all afternoon...even if they weren't watching it, it was on. 

So I decided to make a change.

I wanted to see what would happen if I didn't turn the TV on until atleast 3 or 4 PM.

  I was nervous at first to see how it would work.  Really nervous.

The first day was unnaturally perfect, like something from the twilight zone.  The kids played together all morning and all afternoon, read story books, colored pictures, and did their chores without a fight (surprisingly, they didn't even ask to watch TV)...The house was peaceful.  And while they were keeping themselves busy, I was able to get LOTS of work done.

At 4 o'clock I turned on a movie and they were glued to it quietly for an hour while I made dinner and cleaned up the house before Scott came home.

The same thing happened the next day, and the next day, and the next... and has been that way for the last two weeks.

I most certainly have nothing against TV, but I'm really enjoying the difference not having it on is making in our home.   

Now I'm curious...what are your TV rules? what works for your family?   


Having the TV on less has given me the opportunity to have a lot more fun with the kiddos.  It's forced me to be creative on what we do during the day, and I'm lovin' it.  

Yesterday we took all of our broken crayons and melted them together. 

The kids seriously spent 30 minutes on the countertop un-wrapping the crayons.

(Pardon the lame Ipod memory card is broken and I haven't gotten a new one yet)

"I did it!!"

They had fun dividing the crayons into color piles, and Jack thought he was SO cool.

And if you are a sneaky mom like me, you say something like "Ok guys, I have a REALLY important job for you. I need you to sit here and watch the crayons and tell me when they start to melt" {insert evil laugh}

After 15 minutes in the oven (and some cool down time of course) you have some fun new crayons.

A perfect rainy day activity!

Oh, and we can't forget Laney...the little sweetie partied in her excersaucer the whole time. Can you believe how much she's growing?!?


Ali said...

Love your crayon idea! I remember doing that as a kid....I'm thinking our next snow day.
TV - oh ten years now without cable and I love it. My kids (especially Nicole) get sucked into it and she is unable to snap out of it for the rest of the day (doesn't matter how long or what time of day) so I'm with you here, as little as possible, and then when you do put a movie on it's a special treat.

Travis and Celena said...

Your crayon idea is so neat. I will have to make a note of that when my two little peanuts get old enough to color.
That is such a great idea on the TV. I feel that I watch TV to much as is and I would hate for Reagan to take that on. You go girl! You are such an awesome mother!

cindy said...

What a fun idea--crayon chunks are the best! It's nice when we control TV instead of TV controling us! Good job. Tell Bianca I love her cute shirt. Have a happy birthday Scott!

Heather said...

Glad you're back to normal! Way to go on the tv thing... I really wish we could turn ours off for good - Aidan wakes up requesting it. Ugh. But there are times I just need a break!! Once Lilah is old enough to really play with him, things might change.

Love the crayons. My mom used to bake them in Reese's cup wrappers (not sure if they were actually from Reese's or not) -- so when they came out, they had those crinkled edges. Fun!

Sarah said...

I agree with TV - I did an experiment with Lydia last Friday. She did much better than I expected too. I am going to try and keep the TV off all the time except for special occasions (like I worked a night shift and don't have a sitter), sickness, and church movies on Sundays. (wish me luck!)
Great idea with the crayons... only I don't think Lydia is quite old enough to love that yet. I will file it away for the future too.

Jaimie said...

Great job on the tv!! I'm amazed at how peaceful our kids are when the tv is lessened...
The crayons, what fun!

Mecham Family said...

Oh I totally hear you on the tv thing. so funny, because i have been trying to keep it off too. I have found that if i put on pandora music ( piano music is the fav right now) just ever so softly in the background and keep the tv off al day Harrison and I have the best of days. It is wonderful. Just a little tv in the evening is helpful with dinner preparation. you rock as a mom Jill.

Jessie said...

Okay, I sweat the TV makes Crew CUH-RAZY!! And for some reason I keep letting him watch it. I find that when he watches less, he isn't as crazy and when he actually does get to watch it, it's a treat for him. Instead of just getting mad because it's not the right show. Ya feel me?

Anyway, you are awesome Jill! You have inspired me, and I am going to go on Operation Turn the Tube Off! I think all things are good in moderation.

As you can see, I'm still trying to figure all this stuff out.

Grandma Scott said...

Turning off the TV certainly worked for your Mom and Dad...
Great children and much quality time with your children is hard to find..

Savannah and Braden said...

I'm totally going to remember this whole post when i have kids- the crayons thing is brilliant and the TV thing yes! I will so be a parent that wants to turn on the TV for everything but I really believe less is more with TV and kids have such great imaginations they usually do better without it! You should write a book. :)

McBrides said...

I LOVE the crayon idea! That's so cute, and definitely something I'm going to do ... probably tomorrow actually! and don't you love not having so much tv?? When we moved from Ohio to Colorado last year we didn't unpack our tv, and we haven't had a tv in our house for over a year and we LOVE it! It's amazing how much we think the kids will die not having tv, when in reality they are so much better. It's fun to see how great you guys are doing!