Friday, July 17, 2009

Sherbet Anyone?

It's stifling here in Washington.
With the humidity, 90 degrees feels like 150 degrees. No joke.
There aren't many days like this, days where it's almost unbearable to be anywhere that doesn't blast cold air. It's especially miserable if you don't have AC, like us. (most homes here don't have AC because it just isn't practical, you really don't need it that often). brutal. I actually made a trip to Costco today JUST so I could sit inside the giant walk-in fridge. I pretended to be looking for the perfect flat of berries, but I was really just taking in the cold hair and trying to build up a cold-air reserve for later. It didn't work, but it was worth a try.
At 9:30 tonight we decided to bust out ice-cream cones...yeah that's right, aren't we a bunch of CRAZY people.
Even at 9:30 Bianca just couldn't keep up with that melting sherbet.

Excuse me, is there anything on my face?

Go ahead girl, lick those fingers to your little heart's content. There's plenty to go around...

Pardon the drooping neckline, I think we can ALL relate to things drooping a bit by the end of the day...
It looks like tomorrow will be another scorcher. I better go stock up on the ice cream!


Emily said...

Sounds like Maryland, alright. That humidity is a killer. You might remember a post when I showed a baby pool I got just for me to sit in. The weather can really make you do some things you normally wouldn't. I'm sure the kids don't mind ice cream at late hours of the night. Sounds good to me!

Amber said...

Go figure, out here in IL we're FREEZING! I wore a sweater to sams club last night, dressed the kids up in jackets and pants. I think I even turned the heated seats in my van on!

Amy Lindstrom said...

UGH! I can't take the heat. I can't! That is why I live where I do! I would rather be bundled up in 6 feet of snow than feeling like my lungs will collapse because of the heat!

I too live in an area where people feel that A/C is pointless. NOT SO! It is worth it for even just the few days! Why be miserable!

Ry and I lived in a house without A/C. We bought a window unit for like $175-$200 from Home Depot! PURE HEAVEN! They totally work! Don't get the swamp kind though. I think that would do you in!

Hey, do you have the hangy things for the FHE board? I haven't seen them yet. I will take pictures when I get them, you know, for the full effect! :)

Jessie said...

Oh you poor thing!!! And I thought it was pretty hot here in New Mexico with hardly any humidity at all.

I remember in H.S. when we camped in St. George, and it was probably, no joke, 110 degrees outside. I would try and find the nearest air conditioned place and stay there for as LONG AS POSSIBLE!!

Stock up on that ice cream girl!

Emili said...

Good luck, we did one summer without AC and I swore never again, and we didn't have the humidity to deal with. It looks like you are having a good time keeping cool though.