Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Take away my Mother Badge...

You know how people always talk about "mother's intuition", and how moms just "know" when something is wrong with their child. Well apparently the gene that carries on this special power skipped right over me.

Bianca has been very sick for three days now. I'm talking sick like 103.7 degree fever and completely lethargic and fussy. That kind of sick.

"Take her to the doctor" my sweet, insistent hubby said after the first day.

My response was something like "Oh, she's get fevers all the time. She probably just has a cold like every other kid on the planet."
So after three days of being in denial that something could ACTUALLY be wrong, I took her it the doctor. I was ready to pay my 15 dollar co-pay, have the doctor tell me she has a cold, and be on my way.

Wait...not so fast.

Not only does she NOT have a cold,
she has a Urinary Tract Infection
an ear infection. these three days of having a completely miserable baby could have been avoided if my "mothers intuition" would have kicked in?!? Or if I would have had enough common sense in the first place to just take her in.

Arghh...sometimes I wonder who thought I was responsible enough to be a mom...oh wait, I thought I was that responsible. Silly me.


Kim said...

I think every mom goes through something like that, except those moms who take their kids in for every little thing. So don't worry about it at least you didn't wait a week. I hope poor little Bianca gets well.

Jessie said...

The whole mother intuition thing, Im pretty sure skipped right over me as well! I always feel like I am oblivious as to what's actually going on.

Poor little Bianca!

I hope she starts feeling better soon!!!

Kristy said...

Ha, funny thing, the whole mother's intuition skipped right over me too, or maybe you get it once you become a Grandma because I am always asking my mom about stuff. But I am just the opposite of you. I am so paranoid that I call the doctor at every sniffle. Yes, the nurse who answers the phone knows it's me when I say "This is Kristy". I don't even have to give my last name that's how often I call. It's a little embarrassing because 99% of the time nothing is wrong. It's like OCD. (ha! I just read Kim's comment-yup that's me)

I do hope Bianca gets feeling better soon!

Tyler and Sunni said...

Jill, I felt the same way the day I brought Ashton home. The doctors really trust me to take this child home with me? I suddenly felt like a child again.

Jonathan and Janessa said...

Oh Jill, I'm sorry. Poor girl! I hope she gets well soon. So far I've been lucky. Maggie hasn't really ever been sick, so I'm not sure if I have a mother's intuition or not :)

Travis and Celena said...

You are a great mom! I hope she gets to feeling better.

Hailey, Brandon & Connor said...

haha I hate that! It's just such a hassle to take them to the doctor when 90% of the time it's nothing! Poor girl though! She had to be in some serious pain!

Denise said...

Same thing happened with us and Crystal. She usually only complained at night or woke up in the night so we thought she was just being colicky...Unfortunately, I was working Graves so Jeff got the worst of it.

Turns out she had a raging ear infection when we finally took her in. We got one of those ear speculums after she and Adam had ear infection problems. It's really easily to tell because the ear drum no longer looks like a big pearl but a pink blister.

Happens to all of us sweetie.


Grandma Scott said...

Keep that badge intact.... It happens to all of us....