Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!!

We had a wonderful christmas complete with family, great food, and family. I don't think you can get any closer to a perfect day than that. The day started with the usual breakfast at mom and dads and then was followed by some gift opening. Scott completely spoiled and suprised me by buying a professional chefs knife! I have wanted one for a long time but could never bring myself to spend the money. Now that I have been using it all day I can't believe I didn't get one a long time ago! I also got an awesome cook book and a chia indoor herb garden...nerdy I know but I thought it was awesome.

jack was spoiled by both grandparents as you can see...he loves this little walker thing! Jack loves snuggly things and puppies so scott and I got him this cute puppy from build-a-bear...now he has the best of both worlds!

I hope you all had a day filled with happiness and warmth...Merry Christmas!!


Emily said...

Merry late Christmas to you. Jack is so cute with that huge smile of his. I'm so glad I got to see you while I was in town. Thanks for making the time. Until next year!

Sarah said...

Merry Christmas! You will love that knife. That is pretty much the only knife I use in my house.

cindy said...

Thanks Jill and Scott for living close!! I love seeing you often and watching Jackson grow--he is such a cutie! What a lucky Nana I am!

Travis and Kristy said...

Jack looks so cute! Myles got one of those walkers and it is the cutest thing! Also, you are going to LOVE your chef knife. That is the one thing I wanted when we got married, I will be sad when there is none left to sharpen! Merry Christmas!