Sunday, December 23, 2007

7 weeks and counting!

For those of you who don't see me on a regular basis I thought I would fill you in on progress of our upcoming little one. I have seven weeks left until I am scheduled for C-section and I am looking forward to having this little girl here. I feel great but worn out. I have spent the last two weeks finishing my last semester of college and working 10 hours a day (no exaggeration there) since it is a busy time of year for UPS. I am looking forward to kind of relaxing for next little while until we get to meet this little ray of sunshine! I am measuring a little small and so is the baby but she appears to be healthy, which is all we really care about. I will keep you all posted as the weeks go on...but until then, enjoy the holidays!


Amber said...

Um jill... Do you realize that I still have 17 weeks left and I AM AS BIG AS YOU ARE.... either I'm having a 12 lb baby or you are going to get a darling, petite little girl.... You look awesome. I'm jealous. Even if you suck just a little bit..... thanks.

Travis and Kristy said...

Seven weeks! I bet it feels like an eternity! Don't worry about measuring small. My last two months the doctor was so worried that I was small and Myles would be small. He said that if I carried to full term at most Myles would weigh 5 lbs and be about 15 inches. Well he was born nearly a week late and 7lbs 8oz. 19 inches long. That was after a few ultra sounds saying he was small. They do their best, but doctors really don't know. This wasn't an inexperienced doctor either. (He delivered me!) She will be fine, heathly and beautiful I'm sure!

Jessica said...

Jill you look amazing! Good luck with your last few weeks!!