Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A waiting game...

We are still not in the "big house" {that's what Jack calls it...but I suppose anything seems big after a 700 sq foot apartment!}.  It was supposed to the 27th of July, then the 10th of August, and now it's "tomorrow", and has been for about 5 "tomorrow"s in a row.   

Needless to say, I am getting antsy.

Like the kind of antsy that people are afraid of...I'm ornery and fiesty. 

I think it's a combination of the home drama, and me being 20 months pregnant.  Ok, I'm not ACTUALLY 20 months pregnant, just feeling that way.  And it's apparently evident just how pregnant I am by the comments I keep getting..."Oh, you poor thing, you still have a MONTH left?!?" or "Wow, you are huge!" and one of my faves, "Man, are you gonna pop any day now?"  Even my doctor {whose opinion I didn't even ask for} said to me at my appointment yesterday "you just look so big because you are a small person"...Oh really Doc? do you think that's what it is?  I just figured I was going to be giving birth to a toddler.  Thanks for clarifying that for me though.

See, can you tell I'm fiesty? I wasn't joking around.

All that really needs to be said to a pregnant woman with swollen ankles and sausage-like-fingers  is "You look fabulous!" 

End of story.

Rant completed...

Though we are antsy to get into the house, we have been enjoying our time living with the in-laws.  I am certainly not complaining about the Central AC that's currently blasting {something pretty uncommon for Washington because it's only needed a few weeks a year.  Lucky for us, it happens to be those weeks}, or the giant back yard that Jack has been playing in for literally 10 hours a day.  There is also a park in the neighborhood that we like to walk to atleast once a day.

Gramma Susie has about 20 bikes to choose from, and Bianca ALWAYS chooses the one without a seat. 

She's fearless.

Jack has finally mastered pedaling...once he got it down, he instantly became the coolest kid on the block.

Cool enough to wear his collar up, and sport a look that says "Just try and mess with me.  I dare you."

 And when we finally get to the park, the animal in Jack breaks loose and he thinks he can do anything...

Which he kind of can, that monkey has some crazy balance.

When he reaches the top he always says "Look at me mom, Ina big handsome boy!"

Yes, yes you sure are sweetie.

I'm hoping the next post will be an exciting one about finally being in the house...cross your fingers!!

Oh, and I will be posting a picture of "the belly" soon...so you can all be really excited for that :)


Brandon and Becca said...

Sorry you aren't in yet. I guess you can be grateful for the AC though. I can't wait to see pictures of "the big house."

Ali said...

Jack sure does look too cool on the bike....kinda like he might live on the "Westside".
You look fabulous!!!!! I'm not just saying that either. You're the cutest pregnant lady ever and not big at all!!!

melody said...

Oh boy. I can relate to those pregnancy comments. I once heard people saying about me, "Oh, bless her heart. She still has a month left!?" So i liked your rant.

Sarah said...

Yes, you shorties sure stick out in front - but I am kind of jelous. At least people are 100% sure you are pregnant where me they are afraid to ask for about 8 months.

cindy said...

Jack looks so grown up! Bianca is a doll and you are beautiful. Believe me.

Marianne said...

Oh my gosh... they are getting so big. We need to make a trip up there, maybe when you have 3 instead of 2. That way, you'll have 4 adults to 3 children. A much better ratio, wouldn't you agree?

Amy Lindstrom ~ YourLifeUncommon.com said...

That collar up pic is my fave...EVER! What a crack up! He is such a cute kid!

I don't think I ever realized how much he looks like you! That last pic is totally you!

Hang in there. I am SURE you look fab! More than that, in fact! :)


Kim said...

You are amazing and you look beautiful. I love you

That look Jack is giving is totally form Scotty.

I love Bianca in that pony tail. She looks adorable.

Travis and Celena said...

I have heard that they take forever to close on the house or make you jump through hoops. I hope it happens soon for you.
I hated the same comments when I was pregnant. Do they really think it is ok to say whatever they want to women when they are pregnant and it is ok? I think when I am pregnant again I will start making mean comments back to people and ask them how they feel. :0)

Cal and Whit said...

oh my goodness!! Those seriously aren't your kids? Right? They look much too big!! Holy smokes, it is like they grew up over night, well, over blog posts anyway! WOW! Good luck on the house, hopefully today is THE "tomorrow"! And I am absolutely positive that you look gorgeous in your 8th month of pregnancy!!

Curtis, Kassi and Katie said...

I am so sorry about your house. I am so excited to see you belly. Those people must never see pregnant women. You were tiny in your last belly shot and you were tiny with your first two pregnancies--so I don't know what people are talking about.

Heather said...

Hey Jill, you look FABULOUS. : ) Yeah, I definitely don't miss all of those unwarrented pregnancy comments. It's like when you're pregnant or have a newborn, all boundaries are off and people just invade your space! Touch your belly, touch your baby, comment away... it's annoying! Anyway, um, the pic of Jack on the trike is the cutest ever. Like he's in a little trike gang. Ha! Love it! Hope you get in the house soon!

Jonathan and Janessa said...

I'm sorry the house deal is turning into such a fiasco! Hopefully tomorrow really will be tomorrow :) And I'm sure you look great! People keep telling me I look too little, which isn't the best thing to hear either because I feel huge!

Jessie said...

Jill I just love you! I have been pretty feisty these past couple of days and I don't even have any valid reasons.

Your kiddos are darling. I could just squeeze Bianca. She looks just like you!

TracyH said...

OK, I am sure you look absolutely wonderful. :) And BTW, the third one usually makes the mommy look bigger. I think it's something about losing muscle tone after the first two. When pregnant with Matt, my third, people asked me if I were expecting twins. That is not nice. Matt WAS my biggest, so maybe this baby will just get a bigger head start weightwise. That's a good thing.