Tuesday, August 31, 2010

And then I admit something I NEVER thought I would...

I love camping

There I said it.  It's out in the open now. 

I've never liked the thought of camping.  I think it's been like ten years since I have been, and even then  I despised not showering, wearing dirty clothes, and stinking of smoke...yeah, not my idea of fun.

Scott has always wanted me to go, but my response is usually something like "yeah, right babe.  That's never going happen."  

Well, this weekend, Scotty ran into some friends that were getting ready to head out on a camping trip.  One thing led to another, and before I knew it, I was dragging my feet through Walmart shopping for things like a tent and sleeping bags.  I was having a good attitude because I knew scott really wanted to go, and if nothing else, at least we would be with friends, and there would be good food to go around!  I also tried to forget the fact that I was two weeks away from having a baby (less than that now, wahoo!!)

When we pulled up to the camp site in the Olympic mountains, I couldn't believe the beauty around us...breathtaking!  This was the view out side of our tent...

 It's quite literally a rainforest.  Amazing.

Jack and Bianca didn't waste anytime playing in the dirt, picking up sticks, and climbing anything they could.  I knew immediately that they would be in heaven the WHOLE time we were there.  They were both filthy within five minutes, and I just let them stay that way.  In fact, Jack slept in his filthy clothes...eh, whatev.

We were there for some perfect weather.  The day before had been cold and rainy, but we certainly lucked out.  The mornings began cold, and so we would peel off the layers as the day went on.  Here is Jack in the morning, totally bundled...

Once the sun came out, and we got out of the thick tree cover, it really warmed up. 

And off came the layers...

Bianca didn't waste any time getting in the water.

Or taking her shirt off.

Jack however, went straight for the skibbies.

And I let him.

Because every little boy should climb a dock in their superhero underwear from time to time.

This handsome guy didn't feel the need to swim in his undies.  He just stood around looking like a hunk...

We made to sure to take a family picture...well, the best kind you can get with two little kiddos and lots of things WAY more fun to be doing.

I wore a green shirt so you could all tell that I do indeed look like I have a watermelon for a belly :)  Those cashiers weren't too far off!

Later, we went for a short mile hike, but I forgot my camera...bummer too because it was beautiful!

The rest of the group decided to take a longer hike to some waterfalls, but I opted out because I can do that when I am 20 months pregnant Bianca was WAY too tired.  Ali took some great pics of Jack and scotty for me.

Scott said Jack was in heaven.

I don't blame the kid.

My two rugged men...

And then of course there was the food.  aaah, the food.

Ali prepped some FABULOUS desserts for us.

Bananas split open and filled with milk and white chocolate chips, and mini marshmellows, then foiled up, cooked and served with whipped cream and chocolate syrup.

Next she hollowed out some strawberries, filled with them with chocolate chips and little carmel balls, then wrapped them in foil and warmed over the fire...served with whipped cream of course.

Can you tell I enjoyed it WAY too much?!?

So that about sums it up...great weather, great company, great food, and breathtaking beauty.

I'm sold.

I will go camping anytime.

Oh, and perhaps one of my favorite things...after playing and hiking all day...the little kiddos look like this by about 7 PM.




Curtis, Kassi and Katie said...

That sounds heavenly. Your weather looks divine. I am so happy you had so much fun with your friends. I for sure want to try some of those desserts.

Paul & Kaytie said...

I'm so jealous! All your pictures were beautiful. Paul and I can't wait to get out of the desert and hopefully somewhere green. :) Jill you look fabulous! I'm jealous again! Also, I need to know what color(s) you would like for your nursing cover? Call me or email, whichever is better for you.

cindy said...

What a good sport! Looks like a good time was had by all. Beautiful photos.

FishinFamily said...

This post made me feel tons better! We are going on our first camping trip this weekend where we will be actually camping in a tent rather than staying in a cabin with a toilet and shower. I'm dreading it..but now, I'm not feeling as overwhelmed as I was. Thank you!

Ali said...

It was super fun! Next year will be even more fun....you'll have a baby crawling into the fire! ;)
Next time we'll have to make sure we make time for all our delicious desserts we had in store. Thanks for coming along with us.

Ben and Kelli said...
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Ben and Kelli said...

ha ha I just deleted my comment, oops. But I am so proud, and incredibly shocked!! It looks so fun, too!

melody said...

I love it too. For most all of the same reasons. Glad you had a blast!

Emily said...

Way to go, pregnant girl! You are one nice wife to do all that in you condition. But looks like it was worth it. I guess it's easier now, than in a couple weeks, right? It looked wonderful.