Thursday, December 3, 2009


Note: before you read this nonsense, just know I did NOT condone this post, Scott knew I would take it down, so he even changed my password, that little turkey.  I must apologize to my poor sweet parents who will probably disown me for this childish behavior. 

And you know sweetie, maybe if you had this body back, I wouldn't need to be gawking at a "ten year old".  Wow, that was harsh, just kidding darling, you know I think you rock.

I was recently looking at blogs in an effort to make my wife happy. This is done by making specific comments about her friends and even gossip. I was appalled to find that our wives were drooling at this “stud” from the “New Moon” movie (cougars) on a friend’s blog. I won’t mention names (Jesse who lives in New Mexico).

This is an excerpt of the comment my wife made after viewing this ten year old.

“Yeah, pretty sure I can't get over Jacob...I told Scott straight up that I would leave him for Jacob if I had the chance. He said "I would leave me for him too!"

Those abs...” End of quote.

I never said that. I am a man with feelings gosh darn it. By the way we husbands also had nice bodies before you made us have kids.

Eat your heart out JILL! (PS, if anyone out there doesn’t know me, let me just say that I am kidding).


Jessie said...

First, thanks for being so hush-hush on the name dropping! I was rolling. I almost felt like I was in trouble or something.

And Jill, this is not childish behavior, this is pure awesomeness!

And Scott, you do have nice abs. But my real question is....can you turn into a wolf? Yea, I didn't think so.

Travis and Celena said...

Oh my gosh you two crack me up! I love that Scott changes the password so that he could keep his post up.

Nice abs Scott but I don't understand how us having kids takes away your abs? I thought the women carry the babies for nine months? :0)

Ben and Kelli said...

I love this post, you two are hilarious!! I know that Jill being pregnant twice must have been so hard on your nice abs Scott!! I'm so sorry! It's an epidemic really, the abs that are being destroyed by babies!

Becky said...

You guys are hilarious! I'm amazed at what marriage does to EVERYBODY'S abs. But, yeah especially we women.

Kristy said...

Travis' abs (that he claims he had) were also ruined by the pregnancy of our kids.

Here's what happens. He see me eat. Thinks it's time for him to eat. Then we both have to loose 50-odd pounds post delivery. I've got nursing on my side though. Ha

Hailey said...

Dude, I remember taking that picture of you Scott. It was when you lived next door to me. (Brandon)