Sunday, August 31, 2008

Tumwater Falls...a recruitment destination

I thought this would me a good time for me to show you all a little part of the beauty in Washington. Maybe, this will make you all more likely to think "hmmm, this is where we should go on our next vacation!!" (hint, hint Amber and Scott)

About five minutes from where we live there is a great little park called Tumwater falls. It has a gorgeous little trail, perfect for the short attention span of a 2 year old (ahem, Candise that was your hint. Although, I am sure Eliza Jane would be happy identifying plant and animal life). At the end of the loop there are some breath-taking falls which I am sure could be viewed as quite romantic (mom and dad, there is yours). The entire park is a lush green forest leaving much to be identified(Paul, mr. grass man, I figured that would draw you in)

The trail is wide enough that many people come to jog or exercise (melody and kimmy...don't forget your jogging strollers. Marianne, don't forget your running shoes.)

As for the rest of you...I am sure you would want to come even if you didn't have kids or a jogging stroller!

I hope you have enjoyed a short tour through this fabulous destination. Also note that there are about one hundred other spectacular parks just minutes away if you didn't get you fill!!

There will be more recruiting posts soon enough...I hope to see you all soon ;)


Travis and Celena Patten said...

I want to come visit! I love the pictures and I would love to go to all the parks/trails that we could go on. I am saving up to come and visit next year. Cross your fingers that everything works out.

Kelli said...

Jill it's so pretty! I love reading your blogs, and I have told Ben I think Washington would be a perfect post-graduation destination :)Your little family is looking good too!

cindy said...

Sold!!! We will be there ASAP! I love the photo of Jack taking a walk.

melody said...

Wow! That is gorgeous. Wish we could meet you there this weekend. Maybe someday!!

Travis and Kristy said...

Wow, that really does look beautiful!