Saturday, August 23, 2008

hereditary eating habits??

I had an interesting conversation with Scott's mom a few days ago. I was feeding Bianca and she mentioned that when she first started solids with Scotty he would have a hard time swallowing. He found that if he stuck his thumb in his mouth it would help suck the food down. I thought it was odd and had never recalled seeing anything like that. Just as we were having that conversation this was the scene:

She was doing exactly what her daddy did. she sticks those two fingers in her mouth and sucks to help swallow, then pulls them out when she is ready for more. Interesting. hmmm, it does make for a much larger mess to clean up!
so, the question is...what do YOUR kids do just like their daddy or mommy?

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Celena Patten said...

It's crazy the things that you see your kids do and notice that you did the same thing. I see a lot of my sister in her little girls with her facial expressions. (Mackenzie and Erica)