Thursday, January 31, 2008

a trip down memory lane...

With the upcoming arrival or our second little one I think this will be a great "tag" for me to do. Actually, lately scott and I have been doing alot of reminiscing about the very short time we had before kids. Though we wouldn't trade what we have now it is always fun to think about the way things were!! here it goes....

1. Where did you meet your husband/what was the first thing he said to you?
I was at a friends apartment waiting to go on a date with a guy I actually really liked but as fate would have it I was stood up. In the meantime scott and his "wingman" dropped by to meet the girls in their new FHE group. We were all sitting around talking and then some TV show came on that they were all really into. Being the bold girl that I am sat myself down right next to him and said "is it ok if I sit next to you?" he smiled, nodded, and said "of course". during the show he kept making quiet, silly remarks and I was laughing at everything he said. From that moment on we were inseperable.

2. Where was your first date?
For the first few days we were all just "hanging" out as a group (there was about 10 of us) even though it was obvious that scott and I were a couple. One night we all went to carabba's and he paid for me...I guess that would constitute as our first date. I remember after a few weeks of hanging out as a group he said me one night "do you think we could do something tonight with just ourselves?" I paused and thought about it... "of course, why haven't we done that earlier!!" I was releived when I had even more fun with him alone than I did as a group!

3. Did you have a long or short engagement/courtship?
definately too short according to our families! we only dated for about ten weeks and then were engaged almost five months. I would probably not reccommend that short of a courtship to anyone, and would actually probably try to talk someone out of it...but I knew what I was doing right, after all I was 20 years old?!?

4. Where did you get engaged?
at PF changs actually. Though it was completely corny I thought it was sweet and I appreciated the effort he put into it. He had gone earlier that day and gotten a few fortune cookies from PF changs and arranged everything with the manager. he microwaved the cookie to soften it, then opened it and put his own fortune in it. he even took the time to seal it back up with his goerge foreman grill...very MacGyver style! we ate dinner and then the waiter brought out the fortune cookie. I opened it and read the proposal, when I looked up he was on one knee with a beautiful, sparkling diamond! when we got out to his car he programmed his CD player to be playing our song...yes, very cheesy again but romantic I guess!

5. Where did you get married?
Mount Timpanogos temple on August 13th, 2005. It was a perfect day! everything went so smoothly and I loved wearing a beautiful dress and having my picture taken all day...I felt like a celebrity!

I love you scotty

I tag anyone who wants to take a minute and remember these fun times!! I would especially like to see candise and amber do this...I don't think I really know your stories sadly enough


Emily said...

I'm so glad you did this. I didn't get to be any part of your marriage since I was far far away. I love the beautiful pictures. How appropriate that he proposed at PF Changs. I know how you love Chinese food. Carrabas holds a special place in our initial courtship as well. It has THE BEST food, not to mention good memories. Thanks for the story.

Candise said...

Fun story! I learned a few things I don't think I knew...look for mine coming soon!

melody said...

Yes! Thanks for sharing. I never knew most of this either. (Why not, for heaven's sake!?) It was especially fun to read it after I got to spend some time with your little family today. Thanks again for the soup, sandwich, and company. Julia had so much fun, she promptly fell asleep on the way home. AND she's been LOVING the exersaucer for the past 15 minutes. Deluxe!

melody said...

P.S. Now it's fun for me to picture you blogging from the couch, you lucky duck.

Cal & Whit said...

That was so fun to run into you. I have had a blast reading your blog. Jackson is so darling! I loved the video of him cute! Cute pics of your wedding too! I will definitely be stopping by often to see what your little family is up too!

Amy Lindstrom said...

OH MY HECK JILL! I am so out of the loop! Thanks to Candise's invite to her blog I found that you have one. SO I HAD to check it out! So cute! It will be fun to keep up with what is going on with you, um especially since I didn't know you were about to have your
2nd! Congrats!

I am sure you are such a fun mommy! If you are anything like your mom, you would have to be!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jilly, it is Julie. 2 things: You looked beautiful on your wedding day. remember how I almost ruined your hair during pictures. Could have been tragic. I almost did it again at my sisiters wedding. oops. 2nd. Tell Candise I want to be invited to her blog if she'd let me. Thanks. I'll talk to you soon.