Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I have a rule...

Most of you know that we put the kids to bed early.  our routine starts around 6:45, and the kids are in bed by 7.  Though they are in bed by 7, doesn't always mean they fall asleep that early.  But my rule...If they aren't crying, I don't care what they are doing.  {Until tonight, that is.} 

Usually they play, and look at stories for a while, but then crawl in their beds and sleep the night away.

Not tonight.

As Scotty and I were finishing a movie at 11:30 tonight, we heard giggles coming from the kids room.

So they have been "in bed" for around 4 hours.

"We better go see what they are doing" I say as Scott is already cracking the door open and saying "What the..."

We were greeted with two very guilty looking, pajama-less kiddos, and the biggest mess I have EVER seen...Oh, but Bianca had her high-heels on, of course.

Jack was quick to point out what Bianca had broken.  Sure Jack, I wasn't born yesterday. 

Those EMPTY and now broken totes hold all the kids clothes.  (well aware of the ghetto-ness, but until we quit moving around every year, that's how it will stay.)

I honestly never realized they had so much stuff in their room. 

Bianca quickly grabbed a blanket and hopped into bed with her thumb in her mouth...she knows how to work it. 

Those little turkeys.

I'll deal with this mess in the morning.


cindy said...

Sounds like they know how to 'work' the rules too! They are too cute, even when in trouble. Miss, miss, miss you.

Brandon and Becca said...

I'm impressed they managed to stay awake and not melting down until 11:30. My kids would have screamed and cried and given themselves away much earlier. I love that you went in with the camera too! It's always important to document the damage.

Amy said...


Jessie said...

First of all, I am jealous about the 7 o clock bedtime. Crew used to go to bed that early, but somehow as he has gotten older, it just keeps getting pushed back.

Second, I am dying over the mischief! Freakin cracks me up! But leave it to little Miss Bianca to still have her heels on. What a true little diva! I love her!

JMHill Family said...

Ha ha funny, your kids do the funniest things. I think you have had a big influence on them :)

Travis and Celena said...

That is funny! My sister and I used to stay up and play even though we were supposed to be in bed. Never did we make a mess like that. Love the picture of Jack pointing. :0)

McBrides said...

Oh my gosh, this just made my day! I love the Bianca had her high heels on! So funny!!